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“Ye wouldn’t be long getting frost bit,” says teen in hilarious UTV interview

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UTV’s Gareth Wilkinson interviews Londonderry/Derry teenager about the weather with HILARIOUS results. Who is this guy? #FrostBit


adisharr says:

Please everyone download the ‘Hide fedora trolls chrome extension’ and
start using it. I have no affiliation with it but it works well. You’ll
find the comments section is not filled with the same stupid, unfunny
‘Berta Lovejoy’ / neckbeard shit as every other video linked from Reddit.

anthony mckeever says:

Haha he lives near me, I’ve seen him a few times. We don’t all have accents
like that here in Ireland. Good to see someone I know made the front page
of reddit

vvvortic says:

mexicans need to learn how to spec american if they wanna be part of the
greatest county in the word, gg

Dudley McBest says:

Ah, yes. A good old English accent with a purely unbiased weather forecast,
unlike America. With their half breed language and the horrible, uneducated
sounding accents that come with it. 

A. A. Lewis says:

Redditor popping in! I cannot understand this accent even with my IQ of 186
(the seventh highest recorded in the world). Why are so many people here
saying it’s the best? The best accent is CLEARLY the atheist accent (which
only us Redditors possess), which is a sophisticated high-class British
accent with a much larger LExicon and complete disregard for religious
trash. It is quite obvious this teenager is some stupid fundie who has been
corrupted by tax-free bullshit.

-/u/grog61, Redditor, atheist, moderator of /r/clopclop and /r/atheism

Milton Dew says:

*Dear YouTube user:* Please redub this production in American, so that
Redditors are able to understand. Many thanks.

Bruce Wayne says:

First reddit, then Facebook, then the news, then Buzzfeed, then back to
r/videos 3 months from now.

Brett Fallen says:

That’s not even english anymore. The accent has gone over the top into a
completely new language.

SyndexAwesome says:

My god there are fedoras everywhere I look in the comments

nottocr8tiv3 says:

Man that’s a Wisconsin accent if I’ve ever heard one, that’s for sure 

CookiejarSeventy5 says:

If this had been in the US he would have picked up a shotgun and a bible
and shot somebody. I hate this country so much I wish I could move to
Sweden. In the meantime I suppose ill just have to be content with
discussing religion with my fellow scientists at /r/atheism on Reddit. Le

Joshalots says:

Sounds like Bofur from the hobbit

Fiachra Kearney says:

If your wondering hes from Ireland not Northern Ireland!.

matthew rappaport says:

Can YE translate this for me? Thank YE.

Sarah Gaggenheimer says:

What a retarded male. Speaking gibberish or some kind of improper form of
English. I can’t say I’m surprised though. Most males with the Y chromosome
are borderline imbred which explains why they act like violent, raping

EatHelloKitty15 says:


Gustaf Smythe-Richards says:

I like the English accent but why did they have to use a Mormon missionary?

DJ. Snorkeling. says:

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mice_rule_us_all says:

Redditor with 8491704318047901247801 I.Q. here,

I knew this was a Northern Ireland accent because I viewed Peaky Blinders
on Netflix wherein the villain played by Sam Neill is a Northern Irishman. 

King Bill says:

reminds me of +jStevieO 

Ciaran Greaney says:

That’s the strongest Scottish accent I’ve ever heard, is he from way up
north near London? 

Respawn Slasher says:

in case youre wondering hes from northern ireland (hes in my school) and
no, we dont all talk like that

Kyung-min Gangjon says:

In my kantree (*North Korea*) we cold and have frost bought in our nurples
while crossing into defect Korear.

Liam Brady says:

A Derry man with a Donegal accent

The Gibus King says:

Its nice to see someone from Londonderry go viral.

Thomas Chappell says:

Dear neckbeards, this is a really strong Northern Irish accent, not
English. I am also English and I can’t understand what he’s saying but he
says it in such a jolly way I don’t care!! Please fuck off back to your
-Random English guy

aa says:

I’ve no idea what he says, apart from the last sentence (and just because
it’s written in the title). Other than that, I can’t understand a single

Joe Byrne says:

class irish derry accent

Danny Dubravko says:

no no no…he said…”you wouldn’t be long getting frost butt”. Frost butt
seems more likely…unless of course you fill your pants with lucky charms
to keep warm. 

droppingmyopinioninyourcommentsection says:

he’s an overgrown leprechaun

Roy Smyth says:

A local teen made it to the front page of reddit. Hilarious.

Iocan says:

I don’t want to sound racist, but I couldn’t really understand what he was
saying XD

Pastor Todd Lerfondler says:

Moderator of /r/currymyyogurt and /r/irishrepublicankids here. As a fellow
Northern Irish man and devout Christian, I believe that this boy should be
given an honour by the all famous Mr. Gerry Adams and Mr. Martin
McGuinness, both devout Christians and excellent politicians. However, if
this boy is a protestant, we will still give him the award, but we will
also bring him around the back of the building to “convert” and explain why
he is making the wrong choice. Nevertheless, an excellent video that shows
Northern Ireland at it’s best and gets my LerFondler Prayer of Approval™!

With faith and love,
Pastor Todd L. Fondler, Caring Christian and Rabid Redditor 

Charly Barly says:

I live in Derry xD Saw this on the news yesterday, it’s the talk of the
school now!

Sens23Bruins says:

Lol does anybody actually know what he says at the first bit?

Lewis Benzie says:

Isn’t it hilarious how people not from where I am talk funny. Lets all
laugh. Now lets all feel better ourselves & our inbred little social group
& think less of anyone even faintly not like us.

Ohh you know what why dont we set fire to a brown persons house (or a white
person if you & yours are brown).

patchy64 says:

In northern Ireland do they call Ireland the free state go be insulting or
is it what they normally call us I don’t want an argument I just would like

Dark Lord of Rainbows! says:

Wow. Someone from Northern Ireland went viral! This is a rare occurrence. I
normally dislike our accent but his is cool!

Meme Lover says:

As I gently kiss my Tara Strong life-size cardboard cut-out I decide to
browse le Reddit for some /r/memes. One click led to another, and suddenly
a link to this appears. As I view this video, I can’t help but feel sorry
for the Irish as they are not from America, or, more importantly, Japan. I
love Japan. But I also wish /Reddit/ were to become a country on its own
where all my fellow meme-makers, and bronies can form our own societal
construct where everyone is a tolerant /atheist. Sayōnara. ClopClop. 

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