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“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

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“Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album “Mandatory Fun” out now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFun
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFunAMZ
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFunGP

Music video by “Weird Al” Yankovic performing Word Crimes. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


Brent Burzycki says:

*Weird Al – Finally back at the top of the music scene!*
Now everyone needs to listen to these rules!

Bobby Carillo says:

OMG this sing is gooder than the originol,

Craig Loxley says:

Saw this for the first time today. Absolutely brilliant. My kind of song.

Hector Martinez says:

I’m just now getting to see this. #LTTP #yankovic #wordcrimes

KomicKake says:

well hey now we can listen to this tune without having to hear about rape
culture. Ain’t that dandy

(edit; in case it wasn’t clear. I hate the lyrics of the original, not
(edit again; sorry to disable replies. Peoples’ stupidity were clogging up
my inbox. So. Yeah.)

Dott18 says:

God fucking damnit… What was the original song now

TheGrandRevo says:

My god, who the hell cares! Who seriously cares about grammar this much?

77Filp says:

I’m too scared to comment. Because I think someone going to correct my

Jay Kiddy says:

A grammar Nazi’s theme song

Jacksport888 says:

I hate it so much when people type with numbers as letters. I can’t even
read it. What’s the point of typing something up if no one can read it?

Johan R says:

Made me chuckle. XD

Jack Meof says:

Kewl vid m8 

WePlayForFunz says:

What’s grammer?

ChemicleExplosion says:

3:37 YOU FORGOT TO PUT A PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thecraftercat says:

this video is amazing i have so many friend that cant use grammars and
captials right.

TheAshleysama says:

Is it bad that I like this version better than the original…

Pinky P. says:

I would have love school if they showed us videos like this.

Robert Davidson says:

Your great! I keep telling people how they should of payed more at tension
in school. Alot more. I all ways was better then anyone in spelling and
grammer thing’s, and now I definately enjoy telling people how they can
loose there sloppy WORD CRIME’S!

Elsenoromniano says:

This song makes me proud for studying to be a cunning linguist.

Glenuig says:


ZetskuKun FallenAngel says:

Lol all the grammar natzis have colonized here well let me you educate you
little wanks THIS IS GOD FU**ING YOUTUBE not english class yer twats oi
mean honestly get a life who gives a rats arse between your and you’re if
you do then you have already been labeled the “GrammarDouche” in texting
honestly if I wanted I could write this all in perfect grammar if I wanted
but writing it like this is much more convenient and I bet theres still
gonna be that one retarted twat grammar natzi whos gonna correct everything
I said without fulling grasping what im trying to say. P.S if you honestly
cant understand or infer what a person is texting without punctuation and
little misspellings then that just shows ur own idioticly stupid
“everything has to be perfect” mentality. Goodbye.

Jason Smith says:

*For sarcastic jerks: How to take full advantage of “I couldn’t care less”*

Unfortunately, the sarcasm of “I couldn’t care less” seems to be lost on
many who use the phrase, including Weird Al (+alyankovicVEVO).

To be more of an ass about your apathy, keep in mind that “I couldn’t care
less” doesn’t *literally* mean “I don’t care.” It literally means “I care
the least I possibly could,” which implies that you feel some VERY small
but inconsequential concern.

I know, there is no smallest unit of care, and (theoretically) you could
always care less. Therefore SARCASM!

So the next time you’re unimpressed by a bit of small talk, try saying “I
couldn’t care less” as though you care an incredibly small amount. It just
*feels* right, and the sarcasm is delicious.

DoomWolf64 says:

eye lov dis song ;its gr8, u gise ken l3arn al0t frum h1m ,

Alexei Gill says:

I actually like this better than blurried lined I use to listen to him a
lot my favorite was Amish paradise and white and nerdy but I like this
better than the regular sing 

Willian Trindade says:

I could care less about grammar…

Daniel Creater says:

Ok I understand this is a parody and while I enjoyed this video fucc

jayjayjames2332 says:

this song is stupid no 1 has time fo dis shit who cares as long as u can
understand what im sayin witch u can

WeirdodudePlaysMC says:

100% There going to edit out some parts and play this in school…

Alberto Brando says:

The ultimate grammar nazi song

Not Solaire of Astora? says:

As much as I love the purpose of this video, it irks me that people feel
the need to correct someone else’s grammar consistently. It’s fine if the
sentence is horribly disfigured and you can’t read it but a minor
discrepancy shouldn’t be enough of an excuse to write a whole English
I also have a feeling that some fuck face will correct my grammar for shits
and giggles.

Radoslav Dejanović says:

Listen and despair… (or was it despire? respire? perspire?)

ImTheGuyBehindYou says:

Y dus it matt3r?

Its k to sey det.

Y u hef be med? :(

PheonixAnarchyReaper says:

But saying you couldn’t care less would be inaccurate. If you’ve taken the
time to make a comment on the subject then you obviously care at least a

Zandonus says:

Do some people really expect language to stay exactly in the same state as
it was in the 20th century? I have literally never seen anyone use
“literally” correctly. It’s just a word to replace “totally” And since
“totally” isn’t cool anymore, people are going to use “magically” or
something like that once “literally” uncools itself.

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