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“Weird Al” Yankovic – The Saga Begins with Lyrics

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Weird Al’s song ‘The Saga Begins’ with lyrics, the song is an adaptation of ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean. This song was created with the release of ‘Star Wars’ ‘Episode I The Phantom Menace’ in 1999.

Video and Lyrics by Zebra Son
*All song rights go to “Weird Al” Yankovic*


Rudlin The Elf says:

This makes the prequels actually seem INTERESTING and… dare I say it….

Kilian Conor says:

Der song ist sowas von cool

eurodog100 says:

Csak egy kicsit tudok Angolul, de azért annyit megértettem hogy milyen
“pihent agyúnak” kell lenni ilyen szöveg kitalálásához. Kb. mint az “Irigy

Gabriel Contreras says:

great song, wish it was longer

Melk Mahn says:

Using star wars intro, law suit.

Robin Knauer says:

You have a beautiful voice. I put this on for my kids but I enjoyed it very

shadowninja1dude ninjadude says:

My my this anraikin guy

kulfi wolfy says:

I loved this! :D

The Anime Warrior says:

this fangirl loves it!

richard hernaes says:

I love this song :)

shadowninja1dude ninjadude says:

may be vader some day later now he’s just a small fry he left his home and
kissed his mommy goodbye sayin soon i’m gonna be a jedi soon i’m gonna be a

Ethan Griffiths says:

Just amazing weird al is a legend

transformergeek 721 says:

my,my this song rocs :p

110110pab says:

just brilliant! no other comment req. .

Drawkcab Esrever says:

This is the best summary of the Movie . . . 

Iwano Kalinich says:

DUDE…. you’re awesome!

Sydney Lehr says:

I love this song!

Steph Bidwell says:

This is to amazing for words. 

Devon Butwin says:

Defanitly subscibing

Alexa Jade says:

Best song ever. We’re playing the original at our Wedding and then this is
coming on right after. :D

Gimpshorty Sanders says:


nascarfanatic2425 says:

@ SAM PETHIAN I agree, but I think that the lesson to learn from that is
“control your pride and greed.”

darkrovalver says:

this is star wars fan boy approved!! XD

ApDyfnallt says:

Good stuff

chris d says:

pure genius

Sloan Bryan says:


PrinceKilplixX RWSIII says:


Sherlock Watson says:

This is perfection.

batdog230 says:


crystal craft says:


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