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“Weird Al” Yankovic – The Saga Begins

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Music video by Weird Al Yankovic performing The Saga Begins. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 8,874 (C) 1999 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC


Commander Greyson Pike says:

RUINED THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy Carlson says:


Apemanwithcalculator says:

"Weird Al" Yankovic is like Benjamin button

Frank Dailey says:

I personally like TPM & ROTS its just episode AOTC i cant stand.

Jacob Bartlett says:

lets face it weird Al will never get old both in youth and in history

dave thetoaster says:

This is better then American pie

Luna Starr 21 says:

Not to make anyone sad but sad story my dad past away so when ever I here "and still here and he's a ghost" it feels like heart brake


a long long time ago in a galaxy far away naboo was under attack and I thought me and qui ton jinn could talk the federation into maybe cutting him a little slack but there response didn't thrill us they locked the doors and tried to kill us we escaped from that gas and met jar jar in boss nass we took a bongo from the scene and we went to theed to see the queen we all wound up on tatooine that's were we found this boy

Pug Girl says:

my mom is addicted to "Weird Al"

Munjee Syed says:

the only good thing to come out of the prequels

Wesley Andres says:

The master of the parodies..

xucheng zhang says:

oh anakin is talented!

Little D says:

Nice padawan braid man!!!!!

Jenny Kate Smith says:

Haha!! I love his eyes at 2:00! Totally love you Weird Al! I could only hope to be half as good as you one day! (Working on that..lol) (At the moment..still a small fry!)

Izzy Does says:

Hmmmm I heard a song like this on the radio (when I was in The us)by a different guy and yet he got all the bloody words we wrong

Anais Noel says:

Sauce or dry artistic during outside feedback.

Ryan Andrews says:

this is the only man who should be allowed to do parodies because hes the only who makes good parodies. fuck all those faggots that did parodies on gangnam style and all that stupid shit
#Bad day #triggered # i piss chocalote

games news1020 says:

jedi❤?☺️?? caba com sith?


This is as Cool as AMERICAN PIE

Paul Whitmoyer says:

This is my favorite song

patch caddy says:

weird Al would have made a better obi wan than the guy that played obi wan in the phantom menace

Jacob Mulder says:

Play league of legends for free it is fun buy teemo first he is the best

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