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“Weird Al” Yankovic – Spy Hard

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Music video by “Weird Al” Yankovic performing Spy Hard. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,441 (C) 1996 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC


LordDoucheBags says:

I only realized now that it was al yankovic in Spy Hard…

Makes the best movie ever even better

MikeAM78 says:

I remember seeing “Spy Hard” in the theater opening day, and this was just
about the only part that had people laughing.

Mizzet5 says:

He should make a TF2 song.

Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming says:

I still have a copy of this movie…Leslie Nielsen you will be missed you
funny fucking bastard <3

Jared Studelska says:

a lot of the jokes don’t work when they take out the credits part of the

disgaeachic says:

I still dream of seeing a retro Bond style flick starring Yankovic. Sigh,
probably always be a dream.

Agent 109 says:

This should be the intro to the next bond movie.

Zoshi says:

*Clicks video, switches windows, ad for Beyonce plays*

…This doesn’t sound ANYTHING like the song I remember.

David Woo says:

Holy s***, that ending! :O :D

schtive81 says:

This was the only good part of Spy Hard. I love Leslie Nielsen, but
everything went down hill from here.

ChronoShenron says:

This spoofs the opening credits of Thunderball and For Your Eyes Only.

Erik Garcia says:

Nada que ver con Thunderball de Tom Jones.

Lenin M. Plazas says:

Mr. Yankovic, I hope you don’t mind if I can use this in a high school

Bob DiMarzio says:

whats with these f-ked up commercials for little douche bag bubblegum
“popstars “?

J Trewiler says:

I forget, am I watching Spy Hard?

Encore1234567890 says:

Love this movie, and the theme is great.

Ashton Goodnough says:

I remember when I first watched this movie with my mom when I was little I
was so excited when I saw Al doing the theme. I thought it was awesome and
wanted him to do themes for other movies. 

PTZ101 says:

Wait, what’s this movie called again? I missed that part.

Enoc Iglesias says:

Funnier than the movie

Ralizah says:

By far the best part of this movie.

FilmCookieReviews says:

This is my favourite Bond theme

Mir H. Hosseini says:

Really like it.

Kevyn Jacobs says:

This video really needs the titles included.
It’s the best James Bond movie opening ever made!

jkseraphim4 says:

Still funny!

amanda alexa says:

Skyfall! The song and movie…

dkzbeier says:

wait…what was the name?…sorry was looking at the background.

Sommer57 says:

This song was so much funnier than the movie.

Reese Speilberg says:

Pretty good ending huhhh?

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