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“Weird Al” Yankovic – Polka Face

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Music video by “Weird Al” Yankovic performing Polka Face. (C) 2011 Volcano Entertainment III, LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment


Ultima, Multiverse Cartographer says:

*Ultima walks into the music room, wearing lederhosen and playing an
accordion. He sings “Polka Face” because why not? You can’t tell why he did
it, you…*
*Can’t read mine, can’t read mine, no you can’t read-a my Polka Face!*
*((She’s got to love nobody))*

Lindsay S says:

+Ruby Zheng OMG

Chickie Bee says:

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Polka Face: http://youtu.be/MRJILK3NxSM

Dipper Pines says:

weirdest video ever XD love your polka songs thou

SubPonyRus says:

Why bronies so excited that Weird Al appeared in MLP? Episode with him
sucked so hard. I dont think it was his fault; writing and animation(lol)
were awful.
I prefer him just doing his stuff(which sometimes is pretty funny) and not
being involved into ponies.

Len Kagamine says:

1. poker face
2. womanizer
3. right round
4. day n night
5. i need you now
6. baby
7. so what
8. kissed a girl
9. fireflies
10. alcohol
11. f-t lyaz replay
12. down
13. break your heart
14. tic toc
15. poker face reprise 

drCasey555 says:

1:29 whats the orginal song for that part?

Michael Berretta says:

What the fuck?

Kizzume Fowler says:

I love his polka medleys, I hadn’t heard this one yet.

Gitta Hulkk says:

whats darude sandstorm exactly? im scared to listen to it because of how
much people want others to see it…

Storm Treasure says:

Dear dumb cunt +Google+ +Google+ Help On this particular video for a parody
of a very silly song to begin with… I was advertised a more than fifteen
minute video of pot growing… Can you explain to me, why the fuck you are
advertising illegal activity to me? I don’t have pot folk in my circles. I
dont use you tube to research how to grow pot… I dont look at pot smoking

luis brito says:

can someone tell me the the song 3:03 AND DONT COME WHITH THE FKN DARUDE-

jon bad says:

This is weird.

angedgangsta says:

1:17 what’s the original song from there? Don’t hate because I know a
parody better than the actual song, it’s a great parody!

Cielo Torres says:


Melanie Mills says:

I have to do this to Muhammed. PS…there is an online petition at
change.org to sign if you want weird al to perform at halftime at the super
bowl…just tossing it out there.

DXIndustriesInc says:

This is terrifying… yet somehow… incredibly fascinating

Barbara Telfer says:

I adore Weird Al and this is a great example why!

God of Geckos says:

Da fuq did I just watch?!

Pinkie Pie says:

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Is. This?

Sagiri says:

Wait, that’s what that Replay song is saying? That it’s like his “iPods
stuck on replay”?

That’s incredibly stupid. I always heard it as his “eyeball’s stuck on
replay”, which always just felt like a weird way to say that he can’t stoop
looking at her. The iPod thing takes the metaphor way too seriously.

bob cow says:

This is… a thing?

Nathanater says:

I didn’t know it was Obama who sang blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol

masiivedumpa says:

what song was at 1:58?

MrSkerz Has Gamez says:

that…. uh what did i just watch?

david ramziz says:

what the fuck did i just watch o_O

Potato Soul says:

Oh my god. The harmonies in this.

JuanRamirez69 says:

What was he on when he made this video….. BECAUSE I REALLY WANT SOME OF

Flukey Lukey says:

The randomness is over 9000

jennifer ADKINS says:

whats the actual song at 2:48

Gaming Glaceon says:

List of original songs please? 0w0

aaron james says:

Best. Video. Ever.

Litta Alexandrovitch says:

Lol I like how we (bronies) are mentioning Weird Al as Cheese Sandwich in
here. It’s just too funny to watch.

Dean is Rude says:

Really Weird Al…

Roxsen Rox says:


devoykata says:

This video makes me want to watch one of those asdf videos of randomness…
oh, and I like trains :)

Derek Leung says:

How high do you have to be to create this mv?

Jokes aside, this is the most random video I’ve ever seen.

Evo lolbus says:

i shouldn’t like this as much as i do 

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