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Weird Al Yankovic Mission Statement

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Henry Scott says:

Weird Al Yankovic Mission Statement

Binand Sethumadhavan says:

Oh wow. This has to be heard. :-)

weirdalfan1980 says:

Who unlike this? They forgot to hear the beautiful melodies of this
classic pastiche to CSNY

Michael Landon says:

This reminds me of that recent letter to MS employees by CEO Satya Nadella.
‘Synergy’ and the rest of the silly buzzwords.

Laurie Atwater says:

Brilliant. CSNY and Judy Collins are probably laughing their monetized
assets off!

chad40wv says:

the song is a parody of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, but in his own version

Waldo Mc Gifford says:

Cool bass line at about 1:50 :)

musicguy253 says:

Alfred has certainly come of age!

Steve Rusk says:

Excellent as ever, Al.

Alex Apetrei says:

uiti Iub , ca tot ziceai cum sa ii inveti pe aia business acumen :D

chad40wv says:

this song is in the style of Crosby,Stills and Nash and i think he is
parodying one of their songs

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