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Weird Al Yankovic – Mandatory Fun 2014 – full album

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top song of 2015
Album: Mandatory Fun
Artist: “Weird Al” Yankovic

Track list
01 Handy
02 Lame Claim To Fam
03 Foil
04 Sports Song
05 Word Crimes
06 My Own Eyes
07 Now That’s What I Call Polka
08 Mission Statement
09 Inactive
10 First World Problems
11 Tacky
12 Jackson Park Express


TheGinge says:

What’s up with the interruption at 21:58?

James Hoover says:

00:00 Handy

02:55 Lame Claim to Fame

06:40 Foil

09:04 Sports Song

11:18 Word Crimes

15:02 My Own Eyes

18:42 Now That’s What I Call Polka

22:52 Mission Statement

27:21 Inactive

30:17 First World Problems

33:31 Tacky

36:24 Jackson Park Express

TheDownToEarthMan says:

Well, now that I’ve listened to it and enjoyed it this much, I must now buy
the album to justify listening to it for free. He certainly deserves the

Luke Karboski says:

Weird All you are an AMAZING singer!! I think it’s awesome that your album
mandatory fun is the top selling album of 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Greenwell says:

Word Crimes is my favorite, Foil is probably second. I told my English
teacher about the video because it is so relevant to what we are

Carl Michelangeli says:

My favourite’s probably Word Crimes. I use it on my dumb friends.

Matthew Heart says:

I’ve got a lame~ Lame claim to fame~

nikkles76 says:

dumb adds in the middle of a song that my only gripe.

magmanenis says:

Couldn’t you have put the timestamps somewhere to make it easier to skip to
each song?

Joe Greenwell says:

Some of these comments are guilty of some serious Word Crimes.

Mary Hunt says:

I memerizd the hole foil song

BAG GAB says:

Via R. Stone…TOP 20…POP

Mary Hunt says:

I love yore songs

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