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“Weird” Al Yankovic – Amish Paradise (Parody of “Gangsta’s Paradise”)

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Music video by “Weird” Al Yankovic performing Amish Paradise. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 14,859 (C) 1999 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC


zakkary howery says:


Kevin V says:

Holy shit was that Carol Brady 🤣🤣

Tyler Bergen says:

Crazy, I remember when this video came out 22 years ago lol…these were the days of MTV being awesome still (Beavis and Butthead, the Head and Real World when it was good in the beginning). If you wanted to watch a music video, you had to get lucky and catch it on TV…so you always had a blank VHS to record on 🙂 . Man, time really does fly when you get older. First the 20's flew by and now the 30's are going by quicker every year, good stuff.

james ducharme says:

should've been the part 5 ending

Ree Ree says:


SCP 049 says:

the lyrics really do fit in the real video

Toriel The Cutest Goat Queen says:

The newspaper says "Much Butter Was Churned"

Boba Vhett says:

Party like it's 1 69 9

Christine ishere says:

I'm 99% sure I listened to this on my walkman

GV Games says:

Japanese toursits at 1:34 was one of the funniest bits, hilarious song and video!

Janet Born says:

Love your songs funny the originally artist hateed thod but if al copys youg song it a preety good song

Angel Tenorio says:

Lmao worked security for his event in Sonoma county once 😂😂 his fans go crazy man, he does know how to keep a show going tho

battman1j says:

Hahahaha XD

Jett Dominick says:

0:27 "jebidiah feeds the chickens" ITS PIZZA

Andrew Oakes says:

It's funny to me because I'm virtually surrounded by amish

Thomas Aston says:

I live and work in lancaster alongside amish and this is 100% accurate

Leeroy Paladín says:

what happened in 1699?

Асет Наби says:

По мне так это одна из лучших пародий даже сейчас👏👏👏👏

kareem Wael says:

Gangstas paradise

Lord DikDrol says:

When the WiFi goes off for 3 minutes and 25 seconds

Rain says:

Can someone wright the lyrics?

Retro Beast says:

They may have their differences, but ya gotta respect the amish

Brennen Cox says:

Comedy knows know boundary.. sorry Coolio

Marctendo says:

“ “Weird Al” Yankovic!” “ – Joseph Joestar

Mat Teo says:

But if i finish all of my chores and you finish thine, then tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699! 🤣

J Dodson says:

Very talented singer.

Andrewik says:

"We haven't even paid a phone bill in 300 years"
The song was published in 1996.
Minus 300 years it's 1696
A.G. Bell invented first phone in 1876.

Okay. How?

Kieran Hyde says:

10.000 Amish people disliked this video hang on a minute…

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