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"Weird Al" Yankovic – Achy Breaky Song (Audio)

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Music video by “Weird Al” Yankovic performing Achy Breaky Song (Audio). (C) 1993 Volcano Entertainment, III, L.L.C.

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Womble901 says:

I don't know how you got approval for this, but I'm glad you did.

Mom’s Family says:


Prankster YT says:


Mark Hendrix says:

I didn't think you could talk about blowing things up on you tube anymore without getting in trouble, and having the FBI come and snatch you. I guess you just shouldn't play that song…

Perry The Memapus says:

this is amazing omg

Kim Lance says:

Very super nice 👍🏻!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Reacher says:

He should do more country parodies. Change my mind

Josephine Jennings says:

Lol I now love weird al

InCONTROLfreak says:

Definitely one of his best songs!

Jessica Burnett says:

No Yoko Ono!!!

Richard Ford says:

It's hilarious that Billy Ray has gotten back into the charts recently haha

myle0020 myle0020 says:

when you realize that weird al could be a movie star in jurassic park

Anonymous says:

Jurassic park us cool

Amelia Hartford says:

He is 59 and still looks like he is in his 20’s😂 P.S. AL IM SEEING YOUR CONCERT IN BOSTON!!!

Unformed Eight says:

Weird al songs are just timeless hilarity

Elder Millennial says:

I’m tired of all The Cyrus’s, they’re an appalling clan, they ALL make me lose my lunch.
I love this song, however.

Brandon Nuss says:

Anyone going to the red rocks concert in Colorado? August 1?

Jayden the Drummer and gamer says:

He’s 59 and he’s making music

KingScorpion73 says:

after nearly 40 years, you are still my hero Al!

Nicknormous Reports says:

Thank you!!

theofakostas says:

Αμεν! sick o'that acky breaky song

Steve Douglas says:

I really wish there was a channel that showed the original artists reaction to hearing Al's parodies for the first time. It would be freaking hilarious to watch. Especially since Al always asks permission to make the parody.

Edit: Another great song for an amazing artist!

Chastina Constant says:

I grew up listening to this amazing goofball! ☺💖lol His Michael Jackson songs are my favorites, and also, i adore Cheese Sandwich from my little pony! Pinky pie is my daughter's favorite! Im getting her into his funny music too! ✌😅💖lol I love to hear her laugh at all Mr Al's goofball songs like i did at her age! It's great! Thanks for all the awesome memories and laughs! I pray you keep the laughs coming until you say, "f@%!# this, im retiring!" 😂💖lol We love you, Mr Weird Al!

Boyd W says:

5 nights a week I close at a pizza restaurant, doing the sweeping and mopping. I hookup my iPhone to the restaurant stereo and play music off of YouTube. I often play Weird Al songs. The only concert I’ve been to was Weird Al at the Minnesota State Fair in either 2009 or 2010. It was my destiny too because I won the concert tickets from WCCO AM 830. And the last great piece of my post is that I had just gotten in my truck and the very first thing I heard on the radio was call now to win tickets to Weird Al at the State Fair.

Lady Willow Phoenix says:

Oldie but a goody!❤🤘

GrandpaSpaceOreo says:

Do you age?

Kenneth Erickson says:

Don't smell my fart…my stinky stinky fart 😂😂

alexisandraphaithe says:

True Story:

A rather long time ago, when this song was newly released on the album in question, I went out and bought the cd. I then was volunteering to babysit a friend's son, an awesome kid whom just happened to be autistic and had suffered brain damage when he was being born. He found joy in many things, as he was mostly a happy kid, but not everything cracked him up. But then I started playing the CD and he heard "That Achy Breaky Song" and cracked up. He laughed harder than I had ever seen him laugh, and harder still when I played it two more times; with me lipsyncing to the song on the lattermost time. It stuck in my memory as a result.

alexisandraphaithe says:

How come Billy Ray hasn't been offering to make fun of himself by doing an official video of this parody?!

christheblinkfan says:

what was the point of uploading this? this isn't a new song.

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