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vaporwave songs and their original samples [part 10]

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thanks for sticking with me all the way up to this milestone! I hope you enjoy the four-way return of 82.99 FM as well as a multitude of new artists. happy new year, by the way

[01] Blank Banshee – Gunshots vs Shinjuku Mad – Negatives
[02] Iacon – ラブ P L A S T I C vs Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love
[03] VANTAGE – II Tenki vs 1986 Omega Tribe – Stay Girl Stay Pure
[04] waterfront dining – whatever it takes vs Anita Baker – Whatever It Takes
[05] Chuck Person – A2 vs Fleetwood Mac – Only Over You
[06] 悲しい ANDROID – APARTMENT¶ – 涙と恐怖 [Wipe away your tears], to the unknow. vs Junko Yagami – みずいろの雨
[07] Fibre and Tendencies – Echoplex vs D.D. Sound – Sweet Freedom
[08] Saint Pepsi – Normal Person vs Drake – Started From The Bottom
[09] Iacon – P私RにO愛TをE作CるT vs Johnny Hates Jazz – Don’t Say It’s Love
[10] マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – 『82.99 F.M』 vs:
1. Marlene – ESP
2. Kaoru Akimoto – Dress Down
3. L.T.D. – Don’t Stop Loving Me Now
4. The New Jersey Connection – Love Don’t Come Easy
[11] death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – SARIAのように愛して vs Koji Kondo – Lost Woods / Saria’s Song
[12] Topaz Gang – TEXTURE ZONE vs Gary Low – I Want You (Instrumental)
[13] Blank Banshee – Wavestep vs Koji Kondo – Zora’s Domain
[14] Future Girlfriend 音楽 and 悲しい ANDROID – APARTMENT¶ – 今を生きる vs Naoko Gushima – 今を生きる

(17 U.S. Code § 107)


Rizky DP says:

Saint Pepsi – Walking talking sample please.

goldenalien says:

cant find saint pepsi normal person ??

Jerbcob and Randar says:

I want to hear the Full Speed of Texture Zone now.

Arkany956 says:

Vlad, where I can find Saint Pepsi – Normal Person?

Angel Dominguez says:

i would love to hear all the samples from eccojams

Eddie Hill says:

For a second I thought [no cover] was an a vaporwave album cover, until I saw it on The New Jersey Connection.

E - san says:

Thank you so much!!!!

cdm966 says:

So happy you included something from Saint Pepsi's Reflektor. For an unfinished album, it's really good

Artoax says:

can you do my samples next?

Liam Recacho says:

My collection of original samples i found (excluding the dds.wmv and waterfront dining that I requested before)

Vaporwave: waterfront dining : sample
Sample: Eleanor Goodman: Sneak Preview

Vaporwave: bl00dwave: w h i s p e r
Sample: George Michael: Careless Whisper

Vaporwave :Iacon – ペLニAスDドIリEラSー
Sample: Hiroshi Sato 佐藤博 – Shiny Lady

Vaporwave: death's dynamic shroud.wmv – как давно это было
Sample: Harry Nilsson – Remember

Vaporwave: Iacon – セPッUクSスH
Sample: Young and Company- I like What You're Doing To Me

Vaporwave: Iacon – そのH後、彼E女Aは逮R捕をT呼吸
Sample: Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Talkin' (Honey It's You)

Original: AOA: Short Hair
First Iteration: death's dynamic shroud.wmv: CD Player (신세기 EVANGELIS album)
Second Iteration: death's dynamic shroud.wmv CD Player (Reprise)
Third Iteration: death's dynamic shroud.wmv CD Player pt III (I'll Try Living Like This)
Or just leave out the Second Iteration.

Vaporwave: death's dynamic shroud.wmv: HALLWAY神 (パート2)
Sample: Shiro Sagisu: Expansion of Blockade

Vaporwave: death's dynamic shroud.wmv: ~☗✧脳死✧☗~
Sample: Linkin Park: Waiting For The End

Vaporwave: bl00dwave – c y b e r t e a r s
Sample: Kano – Another Life

Vaporwave: VHSテープリワインダー – 21st century
Sample: Common – The People

Vaporwave: CVLTVRΣ – Ocean View Window
Sample: Clio – Faces

Vaporwave: Vantage – The Disco Bus
Sample: Lucio Aquilina – Disco bus

Vaporwave: S U B W A Y S – Shibuya Station Rendezvous
Sample: Tatsuro Yamashita – Sparkle

Vaporwave: S U B W A Y S – Kōgeki
Sample: Yukihiro Takahashi – Elastic Dummy

Liam Recacho says:

Vladimir I love you so much. You took 2 of my suggestions and that makes me so fucking happy that you listen to your fans. Keep doing your work comrade.

mathilde d'moon says:

js: blank banshee was a part of shinjuku mad, so it's a self-sample

kadell says:

Can you do waterfront dinning – cupid anné next

Jared Wilson says:

I cant find saint pepsi's song

Sylverstone Khandr says:

Dress Down is such a great song.

Dean Two says:

lmao. someone sampled a zelda music.

Alanramham rblx says:


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