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Ultimate Animal Fails || FailArmy

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Humans aren’t the only species that fail. Have a pet? You know what we’re talking about. Enjoy the best animal and pet fails on the internet. Remember to subscribe and comment below. Salute!
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FailArmy says:

Have an Animal Fail story?

Weirdos 123 says:

Animals are literally the best creatures in the world and it’s sad how some
people out there are so mean it’s sad how they get killed
Just so we could eat it sucks how people kill them just for there fur and
it’s sucks how they slaughter them. Idk what kind of world this is. FUCK

Kasper Appar says:

Why isn’t there any black people here? I thought they were monkeys.

Florian Gesa says:

what happens when a Zombie, Werwolf and a Vampire bite u at the same time?

Rumpel Kumba says:

The fail with the dog that hunts the sheep isn’t funny.
poor sheep,
the dog has to be well educated…!

LolkidGames says:

0:36 did that fucking ashole kicked that cat?

hannes jacobsson says:

Its sad to see people mistreat animals! Animals are humans too!!! Still
great vid though!

ImMayrarose says:

If it was people I would be lol-ing but since its animals I feel sad about

thelatiosmaster says:

0:28 that was surely a jackass
1:22 suddely the dog go on strike
2:12 drammatic interception
2:20 epic wtf face!
3:22 trashed!
3:30 dog: NO, YOU F***KING B***C!!!
3:54 alice trought the window was fake!
4:21 you’re fat!

Tekken830 says:

bmx/ bikes freestyling fails pls xD

Laylla Willow says:

Find that dog owner (sheep chaser) and punish that little shit! 

Jiří Jirout says:


Guy Collishaw says:

ABUSE! ABUSE! Whoever laughs at this is the devil!!!

Seriously anyone who thinks this should be put down.

dukeburger5 says:

Someone needs to make a gif for that parrot xD

David JR says:

dogs > cats

Hesusio says:

2:44 Do I hear GTA: San Andreas in the background?

JumpyPlum9613 says:

3:16 – Good thing he wasn’t part of Lizard Squad when they took on Xbox….

Hachiro "Nani" Tanaka says:

0:41 Bitch don’t let the dog fall… I’ll throw you off a bed when you’re
deep sleeping and see how terrifying and painful is. 

Christoph Zitzmann says:

very funny to overfeed cats 1:50

Darkmatter28031 says:

This video will be flagged and removed by PETA before the end of the week.

metallicak5 says:

That Mickey Mouse hand petting the dog killed me. “You like squeaky toys?”

Conner Eshleman says:

I don’t get how this is funny its just mean to laugh at!

orionnijman says:

Cats are morons..

blackPSVita says:

I want the best nutshoots please

YonOtto says:

Ah yes regurgitated animal fail videos posted to a failing Youtube channel
with no new content. 

Nemesis Mnémosya says:

Sont pas dégourdis quand même nos loulous ! :)))))

Bob Boxer says:

+*Griffs Paul* yeah mate this trick really does work fine, just used it and
made over *$500* extra so far today! I mean watch this tutorial video guide
here: *youtu*.*be/atWGGn5h82Q*

before he makes it private 

shadowflower93 says:

Poor bird! I hope he’s ok :(

Tif o says:

we love russia fails ^^

Melanie Flink says:

Some people were really mean tho /:

Kermit says:

2:42 Someone was playing GTA San Andreas! Good times <3

Andrei Pătru says:

What animal is this ? 2:43

GamingToday says:

This video should be called animals hurting theselfs and were douchebags
and posting it

Crimson Robotic says:

If u pause at just the right time at 3:47 that is the funniest dog face
ever XD

MauriTheBlack says:

1:04 you can see the sadness in that dog’s eyes

Oliver Brooks says:

This is no joke my mom peed her pants true story 

oliver sharp says:

What breed of dog is that at 0:58?

Dog Poo says:

The dog in the clip at 00:52 should have been destroyed.

Balloon Boy says:


Joshua cairnsplays minecraft says:

It’s not nice being mean to anamales plz do not make anther one thx

McZeb says:

The video with the white cat falling over as it is being put up straight is
just cruel, that cat is called a ‘Ragdoll Cat’ and they are genetically
mutated to have soft and unresponsive muscles when they are picked up. It
is unfair for the animal and breeding animals that are effectively
‘disabled’ is horrid, laughing at one that couldn’t help itself is

Shroctopus says:

My cat got stuck in a wall when he was a kitten, he crawled into it under a
sink in a poorly renovated apartment I use to live in. He was there for a
whole day.

JAMGamings says:

Some people needs more respect for their pets/animals idk

timonhar says:

Oh please make a compilation oft cat fails

Jeanluca Cachia says:

Why people laugh when someone is hurt?

TheGrimest says:

I dont care what anyone says 2:28 that is cruelty, pure and simple cruelty

reamkutt says:

This is the worst failarmy video I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen all of them
for the past 2 years. Animal fails aren’t funny.

leventep8 says:

Lol those bears XD

Lewis Priestley says:

3:34 You’re a cute one, do you like squeaky toys? *dog bites Mickey’s
finger* AHHHHHHH


1:45 cat is immature

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