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TWO-FACE HALLOWEEN TAG (ft. Rhett and Link!)

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I think I like making up challenges! INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:
– Get two friends!
– Set a timer
– Close your eyes
– Let them make your face up for Halloween!

Check our Rhett and Link! http://www.youtube.com/rhettandlink

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Mike Cronis says:

Well “Let THAT Be Your Last Battlefield” you Frank Gorshin wannabe!

rubymeg says:

Do Rhett and Link not drink (alcohol)?

Alex Lomeli says:

Link, has come to town! Come to save, the princess zelda!

FioRush says:

Yes. Love Hannah and Rhett and Link… Great video!

Rubie K says:

The mythical mail boulder was so small!!!

IemitokoTV says:

You look like a….cheesepuff :/

Those Two Girls says:

Even though they never would, seeing Rhett and Link in an episode of My
Drunk Kitchen or YDAD would be amazingly hilarious. 

Charity Anne says:

I LOVE you guys together!!

Samantha Compton says:

The Chiefs Fan comment hurt a little. Ouch. Also, Chiefs paint would be Red
and Gold, we take our football seriously in this herr state. And we were
actually decent this year… 

alexandria thundercharm says:

bleeding racoon beetle juice

deluxe1976xxx says:

2:25 x’D

brynn bertie says:

I <3 chiefs 

Barbara Garrett says:

Rhett, I have no idea who you are, beyond the dude in those
stupid-I-thing-they’re-Axe ads, but you’re really cute. (I’m such a loser.)

pournima paranjape says:

can you make anime faces

Niet Suptg says:

Worst braveheart costume ever.

MrBaconman29 says:

☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube
/ so he can take over and take down Google+

RandomTashAnia says:

I’m black and I didn’t find the fact that Link said brown racist. Brown’s
an actual colour, idiots!!! The man was only stating a fact. Leave him

lugaconfii says:

You look like harvey dent, two face

Brennan Boltin says:

link simply stated “all i have is brown and red” can you guys stop it’s
freaking stupid to argue over a color of paint

Melissa Smith says:

I wasn’t thinking racoon, I was thinking bleeding warrior. Nice huh? First
thing that came to mind lol. 

Jiddy12345 says:


Jiddy12345 says:

How much taller was Rhett than you?

BurnTheMoon says:

Boop boop :D-3 adorable x3-3

jamee henry says:

i want to see this so badly.

Etai Abramovich says:


Rhett & Link says:

*cue ‘we can’t stop’*

MrSirdickums says:


TheMsSplashley says:

he made you half beetlejuice?! I THOUGHT THAT’S WHAT IT WOULD BE! i
actually just returned froma convention cosplaying beetlejuice!

KhairulDoesAnything says:

you kinda look like harley quinn to me..

k8 says:

Was Hannah on an episode of GMM? If so which one?

Cailyn Dawson says:

I hope grace does this lol

Cayetano Montana says:

chiefs fan wooo 8-0

Steven K Smith says:

I love the tag is all my favourite youtubers 🙂

justcallmekeeva says:

hm I’m uncomfortable with the whole brown face paint thing. Don’t think it
was intentional but

Cai Orrebrand says:

Why does that make you uncomfortable?

elsasor says:

Very sexy. I do not feel bad for you. Still want to make you my soul mate.

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