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Top 10 Funny Performances Got Talent

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Top 10 Funny Performances Got Talent
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Jenny Bagley says:

Have you ever tried vanilla and sausage? ???? i died

RiceGumGirlxoxo GumGirlXoxo says:

Who hated Simon? Sometimes……

Cameron Cottrell says:

Everyone do the flop

Peter Hannan says:


Kyriakos Flash says:

What's the song at 42:23? First time ever listened to Irish music :D

Colin Morris says:

lol 84 years old it bigger than mine

Cheo Pitchford says:

first ones a shitty bo burnam

Emilie Nguyen says:

1st one, funny. I like it. Alot. Really. the fairy tale..of love, great story

2nd, the parrot!!..and "who the he'll is that" made me laugh so much, especially when the guy pressed x right after the parrot said "he's ugly"

3rd. I liked his organ skills the moment he played o.o and Simon said he smiled weird , wow.

4.. 😮 he used a boy for the dummy, that's new!! Great performance!

ok..I'm done stating my opinions

Joey Olive says:


This dude. is. my. favorite.


"She wants your puppet"

Arc Commander Havoc Official says:


Danilius says:

The ending was perfect! ???

TBNR fragman says:

It's Albert Einstein

taylor steer says:


ozzy padilla says:

The last one had me in tears

PhazerErazer says:

Ray Jessel. The penis song actually died last year in July

Mignonette Forgetmenot says:

Thought the thumbnail was Miley Cyrus.

Boo says:

The first act 1:25 (plz dont go) what is that from?

TheStalker says:

Anyone watching this the day before it got posted?

ShadowS555 XD says:

But its too bad she had a penis ..

Danielle Garland says:

one minute 21:00

Danielle Garland says:


sabot 120 says:

The last one made me laugh my ass off

Gaming Thunder says:

Currently shipping James and Ed. ?❤️

Kitzenkat l says:

that guy at 15:33 is my spirit animal..

Rodrigo Ramirez says:

quisas seria mejor si yo supiera ingles

FX Bro says:

That stare though!

preston winfrey says:

no`!!!!!!! big fat fluffy duck

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