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Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2015 (Best Super Bowl Ads 2015)

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Top 10 complete full funniest super bowl commercials of 2015! Best super bowl ads of super bowl 49!

Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2015 complete list:
10. First Draft Ever – Avovados From Mexico Super Bowl Commerical
9. When Pigs Fly – Doritos Super Bowl Commerical
8. All-Powerless – mophie Super Bowl Commerical
7. Revenge with Liam Nelson- Clash of Clans Super Bowl Commerical
6. Positive Feelings – Loctite Glue Super Bowl Commerical
5. The Perfect Getaway with Pierce Brosnan – Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commerical
4. Fable – Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commerical
3. The Brady Bunch – SNICKERS Super Bowl Commerical
2. Middle Seat – Doritos Super Bowl Commerical
1. It Will be Settled – Skittles Super Bowl Commerical

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yups541 says:

Loctite commercial was hilarious… but what’s up with the last commercial
– skittles. didn’t get it

Retro Ketchup says:

2:50 I believe is the best commercial xD

Andrew Schwarzkopf says:

i have to know the name of the song at the end

Finn Dillow says:

Name of outro music?

LoLimjustkitten says:

80 % of these arent even super bowl commercials.. pls

Landrew0 says:

No. 8 is more money than talent.

Ohay TV says:

Like outro music :D

TakingShapeCreations says:

#10 6 and 2 are the best.

William Blizzard says:

A few good commercials and a couple of good gut-busters, but all-in-all not
a good showing this year. The sad thing is that the best laugh I got was
from the “like a girl” campaign commercial that was sponsored by Always.
Sorry ladies, I know that sounds misogynistic, but it really was a great
commercial with a great message and I was expecting a NOW.org or some other
organization to sponsor that ad, but to see that it was sponsored by a
tampon company just left me in tears. If it’s any consolation, my
girlfriend laughed louder than I did.

Phillip Isayev says:

Clash Of Clans was hilarious

Zikschive says:

Here Marcia, have a HOTDOG.

Goalie King 33 says:

in the 2nd commercial, it would have been better with the Toronto Maple
Leafs winning the Stanley Cup… you know “Anything could happen” : P

Dombuscus Tobuscus says:

3 was the only good one.

PhoenixAshes says:

That Loctite commercial made me want to evacuate the contents of my

waterlubber says:

5. was hysterical

Eli Westbrook says:

Who the fuck was God black

_ EliteRoss _ says:

I have been subbed and commenting on videos before and just want to let you
know that I am SwAgGeR MeLoN. I just started my channel. Just to let you
know that I am the same person. Idk if you care at all but just wanted to
say it.

Landrew0 says:

No. 5 is a bit simple-minded.

Carol Jaeger says:

The only one I noticed was missing was the Mountain Dew Kicksomething soda.
It was a good one. 

Rita Piltz says:

watched the game played music during EVERY COMMERCIAL…so seeing pics w/no
sound really ” sucked ” 

shadowdelta47 says:

Someone was high when that Loctite commercial was made.

natham havkamsn says:

What was settled? Did they just see who could beat off the most or



Jahaad Jennings says:

Was like everyone jacking it on the last commercial

subramanyamsubbu sandeepkumarbs says:

Thanks About Your flawless mail & comprise In Your WebSite.

LonPik-tv says:

for a long time so do not laugh)

ByNight says:
Ashlyn Loughren says:

Omg the clash of clans commercial

blaaaah says:

That Loctite commercial XD

The Relaxing End 24 says:

wtf 4:01 ruined my life

Stephanie luevanos says:

That Brady bunch commercial made my day xD

Tikrai Pavarde says:


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