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The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer

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The comedian was here to make Ellen laugh out loud, and she certainly didn’t disappoint.


Keks Cookie says:

who is this woman and why am i loving her so much,
omg she is so real and hilarious! i love women who can laugh about


Im not gonna lie i came here to hate on her and say “she is not funny” boy
was i wrong i was crying of laughter. I am now a fan.

PabloVlogs says:

And this, people, is how you make the most of the 6 mins + of an interview
you get on Ellen! Making people who didn’t know who you were fall in love
with you :)

Isabella Brand says:

I haven’t seen Ellen laughing that hard very often I mean she was crying
while trying not to break don’t rolling on the floor laughing xD this woman
is hilarious! 

Danny Ooo says:

Amy is indeed one of the best comedians nowadays. The type of comedy where
the jokes just come one after another and you can’t stop smiling and
laughing. She is amazing!

musicmyth says:

She kinda has that attractively funny personality similar to Jennifer
Lawrence, imo. ♡

jescilla says:

i didnt get the out of the woods joke! somebody explain please!

Zer0 says:

Ellen has never laugh that hard and real before. This is genuine man…
Rare sight.

Lloyd James says:

I personally think she’s sexy as hell!! and she makes me laugh which makes
her like 10 times sexier,actually that goes for both of them! Lol love
them! P.s I LOVE ellens laugh haha when people make her proper laugh like
in this video its brilliant to see

Celine Yang says:

I’ve watched this three times and I’m still dying each time…

Israel Sato says:

Amy Schumer is possibly the funniest girl on the planet right now. I’ve
never seen Ellen laugh THIS hard before.

rsfreedom922 says:

0 dislikes omg.. She is so talented!

Ed Findlay says:

She can’t not, not be funny.

Dallas Jokic says:

I have never seen Ellen laugh like that.

Patrick Llorin says:

It’s like talking to Noah Ritter. Hilarious!

okaywhatever says:

She is amazing!!!! i was crying through the whole thing.

thi da says:

The Unbelievably Hilarious Amy Schumer: https://youtu.be/RgX2HY2iyVQ

Matt Millze says:

anybody who can make ellen cry from laughing so hard in an interview is a
god tier comedienne in my book. Ellen has an amazing poker face and Amy had
her cracking up

Felicia Jones says:


björn bjarnasson says:

shes the woman version of shane dawson

Eromaw says:

Male comedy= take the piss out of others. Female comedy= Take the piss out
of yourself

Rochelle Cadogan says:

Watching the movie awards and wanted to see who she was.. not funny to me. 

Ayoub Mekkaoui says:

It’s ironic because fat girls tend to be the most picky and shallow when it
comes to men. Pretty/thin girls are usually easier to pick up. If you
see/hear Amy on other programs (like the Howard Stern Show) you actually
learn that she only fuck model / 6-pack-abs type guys.

If you don’t believe me, go on an online dating site. You’ll see that the
fat chicks are the ones with the highest standards (6’2”+ feet, muscular,
high salary, etc etc). I’ll never understand it.

Ricky Ricardo says:

OMG Ellen was dying of laughter lmao XD

kulyon says:

She rocked. 

PetesProject says:


Keny30 says:

Wikipedia’s blurb on her personal life:
Schumer has dated professional wrestler Dolph Ziggler, though she broke up
with him because “the sex was too athletic”.

tyler snow says:

if its your first time seeing her
her routine usually is:

calling herself a slut
making a whore out of herself, and insulting herself.

thats pretty much it.

can be funny sometimes..

Kurt Bauer says:

Ellen used to laugh so much on her show but in recent seasons of The Ellen
Show, Ellen hasnt really had that many good laughs at things, but here she
was laughing like she used to in older seasons of her show and that is good
to see. This girl was really funny as well, so it was understandable why
Ellen laughed so hard, just like we all did. 

KoolTone says:

I love this woman! Omg!

Rachel Hazard says:

this was the best 6 minutes of my life, seriously.

Doug Ransley says:

Two dykes, dykin it up

MrAmigostos says:

Take it Jimmy Fallon! Look how people tell the funniest stories, if you
don’t interrupt them. 

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