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The music theory of V A P O R W A V E

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Thanks to Luke Markham for helping me with that vaporwave banger!

Timbre’s effect on Emotional Response and Memory in music

Phenomenology of Music

Esquire article on Vaporwave

Kmart Collection of Vaporwave Stuff

Some not bad vaporwave I enjoyed

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bloodisnotblue says:

I did something like this today in my broadcasting class where I added the "Coming soon to own on video and DVD" audio sample to the end of a trailer that I made for the class. pure nostalgia made me add it.

Lukeyman says:

A video that actually blew my mind

Parmesan Granted says:

What would be of me without vaporwave. btw watch my video of hoeverwave

Anthony De Lise says:

Start another band.
I love you.

Ayama Prantenna says:

okay we get it… you vape

Lazule says:

The drums ruined your song tbh. Oh well.

Ardie says:

You remind me of James Holmes 😀 Interesting vid!

Long Log says:

Go follow Vapor_waveee on Instagram

Morpheus X says:

I think all the Wikipedia descriptions of vaporwave being a serious critique on consumer culture are more or less post-hoc attributions by people trying to make it into more than it actually is. I think vaporwave is an earnest, salacious expression of the notalgia of a generation raised on TV and dial up Internet.

Joji II says:

Dead or not, the debate will rage on. Either way I still enjoy Vaporwave a lot.

Jeremy Abbott says:

Before I watched this video, and was exposed to more than just Macintosh Plus, I thought that vaporwave was just a neat sounding little style. Listening to that Kmart song in the opening really just gave me an amazing experience I never had before with music. I always loved songs that sampled other things, like the Sonic Rush soundtrack. But the strange mix of thoughts and feelings this music makes me feel is incredible. I can see why people don't like vaporwave, especially when all they see is the visual, or they only hear a track that doesn't resonate with them, but when you find that one track, it is amazing.

Blayden Bot says:

You earned a sub

Combustible Lemon says:

"What if elevator music was actually good?"

A: Vaporwave

Batuhan says:

It does not embrace capitalism, it uses its elements to criticize the system and its absurdity.

Stagnant Lasagna says:

you suck at making vaporwave

Drunk Not I Am says:

Song started off good, but then it failed with the drumline and over stoppage. It was better when it started out smooth.

Dora Explorer says:

2:40 And few clicks got remiendoche to 18 million views…

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