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The Late Late Show Host Thomas Lennon-Weird Al Yankovic,Natasha Leggero,Maz Jobrani-16 February 2015

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The Late Late Show – 2/16/2015
Air Date: 02/16/15
Guest host Thomas Lennon welcomes talk and performance by Weird Al Yankovic, actress Natasha Leggero, and a comedy performance by Maz Jobrani. (TV-14 D, L)

The Late Late Show Host Thomas Lennon – Weird Al Yankovic,Natasha Leggero,Maz Jobrani – 16 February 2015
The Late Late Show Host Thomas Lennon – Weird Al Yankovic,Natasha Leggero,Maz Jobrani – 16 February 2015
The Late Late Show Host Thomas Lennon – Weird Al Yankovic,Natasha Leggero,Maz Jobrani – 16 February 2015


teiladnam says:

I wish late night talk show hosts interviewed musical guests more often.

Max Ellis says:

Given a little more practice, Lennon would make a great talk show host.
Even for his first time he was still good.

Justin Time says:

Why didn’t they pick Tom as the official host?
He’s pretty damn natural

Mat Beck says:

Best guest host so far! But honestly i was expecting him to be, way to go
So glad to see Natasha again, she’s also pretty great and hot. One doesn’t
see she’s gettin 41 this month…

winterlandboy says:

Lennon By far the best .James Corden has been given the job? Bad move
CBS.Kiss that show bye bye

jarjon76 says:

Thomas Lennon is hilarious. Lt. Jim Dangle is my homeboy.

assmane999 says:

I have not watched this episode, but I think Thomas would be a fabulous
replacement for Craig. He’s hilarious.

A Adu says:

lol Love Weird Al (& the segment. Lt Dangle). “Doing about 100 cities.
Including Europe & Ireland.” Weird Al: “Is that a city?” lol

NostalgiaVHS says:

Thomas Lennon is great, I love seeing him in movies.As much as I’d like to
see him host the Late Late show, i’d like to see another season of Reno 911
even more! Weird Al Yankovich is a legend too. He should have his own

Tim Church says:

Which is worst: Captions? So-called “performance” by Al? Or any time this
Lennon guy does anything on CBS?!

Terr Rawling says:

Am I the only one who liked Boat Trip?

Kurian c Kurian says:

love him, keep him in a cage CBS…. boy he called his wife up. Wonder what
he got when he got home.

breakingglass27 says:

Yikes, this is some pretty toothless stuff. I love Al, Tash and Tom but I
could barely crack a smile at all of this shiny nothingness. 

Ashley James Williams says:

Late Night has become a dead franchise. I liked Seth Meyers on Weekend
Update, but talk show host isn’t part of his skill set. Thomas Lennon
should replace him. 

Temporary Space Studios says:

Thomas Lennon is pretty good

Justin Spraragen says:

I feel sorry for him and Matthew Perry. The Odd Couple had so much
potential but it looks like a horribly generic show with an awful laugh

koestenbraumstar says:


irskooo says:

thomas lennon now this is the first one after our lovely craig left that
made me truly laugh! great show, you`re hilarious

12fuxu2 says:

…I mean..uh..good show. 

bugmanchad says:

I’ve never heard a monologue with more non words in the history of late
night television. Ahhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh and Ahhhhhhh. 

DerOldHerr says:

Not even 10% as funny as Craig.

A Adu says:

That school guide councilor story is very similar (if not completely the
same) for many people.

mrbob424 says:

i cant stop laughing such a funny interview!

LordOfDays says:

The interviews were great.

Marc Kloosterman says:

Tom is actually not a bad host!

123proffitt says:

Not -american dude NOT FUNNY!

Ahsan Siddiqui says:

how did he do the figs trick

Tara Ebrahimpour says:


Leon38911 says:

Maz is not at all funny.

A Adu says:

21:14 lol Nice

razkable says:

hes pretty good for a first timer better than john mayer lol

Much and House Public Relations says:

Now Watching: The Late Late Show with guest #MazJobrani

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