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The Emmys 2014: Weird Al Yankovic Performs Show Themes (Highlight)

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Weird Al Yankovic and Andy Samberg put a literal twist on the theme songs of the year’s biggest nominees at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.
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The Emmys 2014: Weird Al Yankovic Performs Show Themes (Highlight)


Vik West says:

Weird Al’s style and humor are for the 80/90s… I don’t know why he
resurfaced just to bore people to death. Don’t get me wrong his old stuff
is great, but it ain’t working now.

Cameron Baba says:

Looking for Andy Samberg’s “AAAGGHH!” from backstage
Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

blavia77 says:

Poor George, everyone keeps telling him to hurry up but he created it.
Without him there wold be no GOT/ASOIF so he can do whatever he wants!

Mike Rex says:

If george dies before he finished game of thrones im gonna kill him.

Matteo Salvi says:

Weird Al Yankovic è un assoluto mito. Se poi fa la parodia dell’intro di
Game Of Thrones dal 1:40 in poi…

#gameofthrones #yankovic

Jacob Chan says:

I liked the modern family one

Hadley Pleasanton says:

I love how Weird Al refuses to break character and remove the Lorde-style
wig he wore in the *Foil* video. He’s gone on for over a month with this
same gag, even bringing it to the stage of the Emmy Awards. Brilliant. xD

Isik Mater says:

ROTFL :)))

Venom.Viper says:

Lol didn’t George RR martin said he find that insulting to him people
asking him to write faster because they are afraid he is going to die
before finishing the book? Then they do something like that?

angeli823 says:

I’m alittle bummed that Game of Thrones didn’t win anything

Scootaloo says:

Weird Al Cheese Sandwich! WooHooo! :D

Jake Cox says:

I love Weird Al’s material, but this song was just awful, it wasn’t funny
and Al sucks live (but I think we all figured that out from Conan). Last
but not least, it was like a fan version of Tobuscus’ literal trailers
instead of creating a funny story along with it, he just sang what he sa.
Like Catchphrase… But singing.

Ken G says:

It is easy to tell by the way Mr. Martin receives the typewriter and
playfully pushes a button that he was not offended, and given the fact that
Weird Al is very conscious of the people parodies, he most certainly got
permission before hand to do the song and the skit.

Дэн Кашкеев says:

Пародия от Weird Al Yankovic на некоторые темы из сериалов на Emmy 2014

Angela Prendergast says:

I could write that in 5 minutes…

Jerich0 says:

GoT was on POINT

Bah Humbug says:

Think of all the attention GRRM is getting for not doing work. The moment
he finishes the series all the attention & the gravy train will end so I
guarantee this lazy bum won’t finish his series any time soon. HBO
should’ve done The Dark Tower instead. 

Josh Pikka says:

Valor Dohaeris Weird Al! 

Nelson Mata says:

This was the best part of the Emmy’s.

Ark Lyte says:

I have only three words: PURE! FUCKING! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

Oh…and the thing with G.R.R.M. and the typewriter was hella awesome!

vic vinegar ii says:

I have no words. I don’t know what to say. I love this. But saying that I
love this is not enough to explain my emotions about this………

Vincent Lindeboom says:

Can’t move, can’t sing, can’t perform, how does weird Al get up on that
stage, who enjoys this utterly superficial and just plain bad performed

J. Steven York says:
jaime martinez says:
Nikolay Davydov says:

This was horrible. I can’t even add anything else. This was the worst
ceremony opening I’ve seen

Chox TheMuse says:

oh man!! That was so awesome! Weird Al Rock Live =)

PiepMiau04 says:

Is he holding Sting at 03:10 :D

amillionyawn says:

Soo much cliché jokes in this Emmys awards. Just embracing 

Syafrizal Abu Mansor says:

haters will be haters

datari says:

The sound engineer died that night

Sedina Mahious says:

0:00 Mad Men
0:37 Scandal
1:06 Homeland
1:23 Modern Family
1:35 Game of Thrones

patricia Bermudez says:

Jajaja i Love the Games of thrones section, they say everything what happen
whit the fans, the spoiler, death, George xD

Jaja i Love it it was so funny xD

godofcrap42 says:

Okay it’s not great but it’s better than people made out.

Julie L says:

where’s the part right after where Samberg keeps up his Joffrey impression
with the actress presenting the next award?

Grant Daily says:

HA! Imagine, if Weird Al perform a theme song from Breaking Bad? 😀 

Liberis Puritatem says:

Needs more polka.

Jeffrey Zekas says:

Al, you are still funny…



insanehusky says:

Thumbs up if you, too, noticed Al wielding Sting at the end.

Alexander Forbes says:

Was he holding up Sting at the end? Motherfuckers, that’s the wrong

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