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The Best of Rhett and Link: Tokyo

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Speaking about the weird part of the internet… Rhett forgot how important it is for mythical beasts to keep traditions alive. He corrects his error in typical Rhett fashion. Way over the top and full of energy. *Morgan deserves a raise for this amazing bit of editing.

Watch the full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJiKP1wkR6Q


harmony brobin says:


Waddle Dee pop says:

I’m sorta glad he missed it now we get this epic TOKYO THING

destinyawaitsx3 says:

Thanks for uploading! I was looking for this particular one.

A.J. the Fox says:

I’ve watched this 20 times… What am I doing w/ meh life XD

Julianna Mozley says:

Make. This. A. Ringtone. NOW!

EchelonPrince says:

Best thing ever.

Kyla Gabel says:

This is my favorite of Rhett and Link. xD

Chris Poole says:

Whats the name of the d&b in background???

existenceisrelative says:

Both the music and the visuals were kinda like a gentle Cyriak. You know,
50% less nightmare-fuel.

Konrad Tallman says:

I gotta make a ring tone out of this.

ODST2525 says:

Which episode is this I forget 

Byen Treevus says:

I’m glad it went unnoticed for once

Lindis Konst says:

Better than any lullaby… Just slips right into my heart <3

TexanBoy3 says:

This is the best lol.

Samuel Johnson says:

This should get a Dubstep remix

Koali says:

That was weird.

shiro takami says:

I really want that to be my ringtone 

jonasLOLucas says:

Probably one of the freakiest things ive seen

Karina Akmoldayeva says:


cceessaarr234 says:


Christopher Lieto says:

Wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tokyo 

Sbancaz says:

I was wondering when FINALLY someone would upload this!

Giant Girraffe steve says:

My new ringtone

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