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The BBQ Song – Rhett & Link

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KombatGod says:

Now, I’m not from the USA, but I thought Florida was a peninsula, that
looks like a west coast state, like California…

Lauren Lessne says:

FLORIDA = a southern state?
it ain’t?
they need a lesson in geography 

PDDKittyCrew says:

Ummmm. I’m a Floridian. I guarantee we are NOT part of the “South.” We just
happen to be in the same geographic area…yeah.

duelgemers duel says:

HOW THE HELL ALMOST 2million views and only 8 thusond

MammomaxIncarnate says:

No mention of Oklahoma’s pulled pork? you have disappointed me.

Timothy Berry says:

Another one of my favorite Rhett and Link songs.

christa mangovski says:

So apparently now Virginia is Kentucky

jordan davenport says:

Florida is a southern state 

lori pacourek says:

actually Florida is a southern. this is what i found “Geographically
speaking,yes Florida is part of the Deep South.How ever in recent years
there has been an influx of residents and retires from other parts of the
country.So in that case you find a large population of “non” Southerners.
But overall Florida is a southern state”

SaySay Lona says:

As soon as the video started, I was like “WOAH when was this video taken?”
and when I checked the date I may or may not have freaked out a bit.

Olivia Washington says:

I love that Link pushed up Rhetts glasses!

Jack Curtis says:

Believe it or not, western NY has some dank BBQ, we like it ALL.

Jim Reeder says:

No offence, I’m was born and raised in Texas, and all restaurants that
aren’t in the city are either mexican or BBQ. Even living in a small town
there are several. I have been all over the east coast, our family would go
to Topsail Island, North Carolina on vacation. But Texas is the home of BBQ
and no place does it any better.

clarenicola1 says:

I think a hillbilly moonshine song is in order,come on guys get slapping
them thighs 

Emma Doiron says:

Lol that’s California, not Florida

Nicole Killey says:

Love it but why is Florida shaped like California??? 

Kai Darling says:

Link looked like he was going to cry.

Bess Pridgen says:

Florida is not Florida. It is a picture of California

Slimdoggy Doo says:

California was put instead of Florida

SuncoastBBQBash says:

A BBQ Review in song! Oh, yeah. Listen to what they say about Florida! Ha!

TheCrimsonIncendiary says:

i live in florida and i can confirm it isnt a southern state

Chris Anton says:

But,but my mumma said that bbq is the devil!

Nordic Ducks says:

That’s not true most alabamian BBQ sauce is brown

amezdraven says:

assholes didnt mention kc bbq

Emily Mankel says:

If Florida isn’t southern than what is it?

Jagger Hopkins says:

Loo-uisana BBQ!

Aaron Gosselin says:

speedy doesnt seem happy… it seems insane

Logan Cunningham says:

Well it depends on what part of Florida your in. I live in northern Florida
which is really southern Cajun BBQ or sweet BBQ, and i was born in Ocala
which the whole city is farms, so its a pretty southern state if you ask
me. Just not like Miami and stuff

T.S Gator says:

Florida isn’t part of the south??? Come’on. The best barbecue in the
nation comes out of north Florida!!! Even the very first franchised BBQ
restaurant came from Stark, FL. Have you ever heard of Sonny’s BBQ???????
What about Jacksonville’s Bono’s BBQ? What about Woody’s BBQ? These are

MinecraftAssassin says:

im from Texas and yes we love brisket with bbq sauce

Zak Tribbett says:

Picture of California for Florida

bored9eight4 says:

Well I live in florida and basically there’s two states inside on florida,
Miami(not southern and a waste of space) and the rest of florida. 

Susan White says:

Texas BBQ rules!!! Yum!!!

Ben Penton says:

Texas also loves ribs,chicken,ribs,any bbq I know I’m from Texas

starcatfri says:

WOOHOOO! Go Texas!

Riley Fussenegger says:

that is virginia 🙂 

Emily G. says:

Chicken Nugget song
Rainbow rainbow song

Christopher Snyder says:

Florida was shaped like California look at it it is California

Elizabeth Bennett says:

You should make a song about shoes that would b funny knowing ur awesome

theotherkid z says:

Like if your in 2015 watching this XD

Glitch Bandit says:


Natalie McNeill says:

They forgot Missouri!!!!! :(

mochalex says:

Emerald Isle shirt FTW!

John Archer says:

You need to make a song about what is wrong about the internet

Kaitlyn R. S.™ says:


J. Smith says:

Go Texas Brisket!

Kylan E says:

they dont look like that now in 2014

Evyn VFX says:

7 years ago this was uploaded…

JesseTampa says:

Florida is a Southern State, and not only geographically speaking. Florida
was the 3rd State to secede from the union in the war for States Right’s..
when did North Carolina secede??

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