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Teen Titans Go! – Hilarious Montage Part 1

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The hilarious moments from Teen Titans Go!, in epic montages! Full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZPGwQ8guKhKqqbarbqrcSrVlOjkQwG6F

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0:00 Legendary Sandwich
1:52 Pie Bros
3:36 Driver’s Ed
6:15 Dog Hand/Raven’s Daddy Dearest
8:02 Double Trouble
9:36 The Date
11:57 Dude Relax
12:54 Laundry Day


Girly Jammer says:

stupid adults watching this show IT WAS MEANT FOR KIDS 15 AND UNDER i hate
when they come on here and yell how bad this show is when they dont realize
PLACE go back to watching the old teen titans if you dont like this new one
jeez some people are sooooooooooooo weird

Max Tronfile says:

1:41 Is that BB’s real voice?

Wooper_Bubbles says:

9:28 beast boy looks like Yoda 

Anima Anime says:

they soooo screwed up teen titans with this.

Guy Cool says:


skyehare4 says:

I absolutely LOVED the old Teen Titans show, but I can see that this one is
fairly amusing too. It’s much sillier, and doesn’t really take itself
seriously. Even some of the villains that were serious, legitimate threats
in the original show are reduced to jokes, and are pretty lame (like Terra
and The Hive). It’s still fairly funny though. I have noticed that with
this new series, they took a lot of liberties with the characters. Robin is
A LOT more obnoxious and less reserved, and Cyborg is more or less batshit
crazy and yells about 50% of his dialogue, but the other three seem more or
less the same (sans Raven’s MLP obsession). It’s a bizarre show, but I can
appreciate it. I at least know that the original Teen Titans was a classic,
and that the new Teen Titans Go actually inspires kids who love the show to
get curious about the old Teen Titans. Just the other day, I was
babysitting, and the girl I watch was watching old Teen Titans episodes on
youtube, since she heard that there was a Teen Titans outside of the one
that she knows. 

Andy Chen says:

People who keep saying “this sucks! I want original teen titans!!” need to
understand this is a completely different show. It just uses the same
setting/characters but they are completely different genres. Teen Titans
was an action show while this is a comedy. They are both good at what they
set out to do. They can’t be compared with each other just because they
share a premise. 

Fraxlevein says:

6:14 – Teen Titans Go! could be before they knew of Raven’s father, but
Cyborg… I doubt he had the accident so early in his life and i doubt that
the mechanic parts would grow with him. Also, i doubt his father was a

Brianna Perry says:

Teen titans go is funny but young justice it is just left on a cliffhanger.
I mean wally just gonna dies like that.And don’t forget dick he’s leaving
the team.im waiting for this show to go.I love it but sorry. 

Raygen Parker says:

Wait Cyborgs Mom did a Toaster..WHAT!?!?!?!?

JcornAndCo says:

I think teen titans go is good, but I like the old better

Jesse Osburn says:

CN will you PLEASE put Deathstroke on here already? The only reason I watch
this show is because I`m waiting for the masked BA to make an appearance.
Why is CN going to leave out the main villain in favor of those H.I.V.E

Aaliyah McCray says:

How does Starfire know how to drive?

Lazy Friday says:

Zs1234567890in credal 

McCrimmon Laura says:

These are NOT funny. Put the funny parts in

TehSuperHero says:

Raven sure can fit a lot of wieners in her mouth.

DarkSabreArc says:


Sabrina Molina says:

I like you

Nadia Hamada says:

4:45 what the butts is wrong with silkie?

Taufiq Zain says:

I kinda like this show. Very fun to watch.

Harmless Star says:

lol! he said “waven” instead of “raven”

bigguy31ish says:

Does anyone also think that back on orignal teen titans beast boy is really
annoying sometimes, But not on teen titans go Robin is not acting mature he
was now he’s the most annoying leader now-.- and Starfire is less strange
Cyborg is crazier and raven is well less creepy now! IMO and Beast Boy is
not so funny anymore unless him and the others get hurt XD)But not Robin is
really annoying now ._.

triggerblade98 says:

the robin being blind joke doesn’t work that well *cough cough he was a
trapese artist cough*

Andreww Breack says:

When i watch cartoon i want fun,exactly what teen titans go do better.If i
want violance i wach anime

eXAKR says:

0:30 I don’t know why, but Tara seems to be slipping into her Twilight
Sparkle voice there…

cassea cole says:

When BB said ” What’s that swigly thing? You mean that’s what’s inside of
people?” He probably meant intestines which part of the digestive system.

FotemoreProductions says:

Kill us! Kill us! You can, like, totally do it!

Megan Rose says:

I like this :)

radu430 says:

6:58 LOL

jarrod lutes says:

raven is a bronies

fryfamily1000 says:

*cough* Bronies *cough*

123leyang321 says:

I don’t understand why people that watched the original speak so badly
about this one. This is obviously just a parody, not meant to be taken
seriously, and obviously not trying to compete with the original cartoon
(which is infinitely better, ofc).
But I can understand why people that watched Young Justice are upset. It is
indeed awful when CN removes a good cartoon and put a silly one in its slot
instead. :/

Brennan Norris says:

I want the original teen titans back! This freakin sucks.

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