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Star Wars Battlefront PS4/Xbox One Impressions – Kinda Funny Reacts

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Chloe Dyktsra’s seen Star Wars Battlefront in action, so it’s time for Greg and Colin to ask her all about the November 2015 title!

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Urabe Mikoto says:


MrSquareHead1234 says:

I never thought I would miss Colin so much. God, it’s good to have him

dtanobo says:

Hey not sure if she mentioned it, but any details on the new first person
perspective and what it’s like?

Jason Duverney says:

4:12 colin had a stroke, you okay there buddy?

chris71388 says:

This game is going to be a shell with DLC upon DLC to provide all revenue
and substance. EA has $$ for eyes. It is going to be a mess. I can feel it.

Loakum says:

No outer space battles? I don’t think I like that tidbit…hopefully they
just didn’t talk about it, and it’s in the game.

NexGenStriker says:

You guys beat IGN to the punch! I hope everything in the game is local and
that first person is a good addition. I’m still praying for a third person

fersnake says:

so…. who’s she?

fishwitheadphones says:

Love the idea of guest correspondents. Can’t wait for this game!

Franklin Sizemore says:

I just hope it isn’t BF4 with a Star Wars skin…#kinda

Conor Byrne says:

I like the prequels……

Dexter Morgan says:

Is it TPS/FPS or FPS only?

thevesp00 says:

Free? Dlc? Ea? Woah…….

JohnMcKillop says:

8:06 Did they just bleep JarJar?….Excellent.

unoder says:

Well, I for one really do hope the prequel content makes it in. Say what
you will about the story in the films… but the worlds, weapons &
characters were great (minus jarjar). The battles were at there epitome in
the prequel series. Try and detach yourself from the “story” of the films
and look at it solely from the perspective of a game where I surmise there
isn’t going to be much story… you really want that stuff out? Anyway,
great video, I appreciate all the additional information.

Jonathan Jordan says:

This was a great video, it sounds like this might really be the game
everyone is hoping for.

Jump Shoot Reload says:

Wait, does this mean Kinda Funny has a new staff member?

thebrodieroy says:


Pixigh says:

Only on Kinda Funny Games can you watch Triple H talking to Colin and Greg
about Star Wars Battlefront. Can’t wait to play the game!

Brian J says:

This is like getting a new Goldeneye for me. Preparing for disappointment,
but still can’t wait.

jccjproductions says:

This Chloe Dykstra is pretty rad.

THX1968 says:

This chick take any notes?

Jim torres says:

The trade Embargo 

Kevin Joell says:

Keep it up guys!

MisterHooboMaster says:

I also played alot of Battlefront 2 on PSP xD

Jesse Ramirez says:

battlefront was already a battlefield clone. Couldnt be a more suited dev
to make this game. So excited for this game, tops my excitement for
uncharted 4.

Candid Gorilla says:

I’m really disappointed that they released a “game engine” trailer and not
a “gameplay” trailer. A game engine trailer is a roundabout way of saying
“tech demo”.

The57lover says:

chloe needs to be on the kinda funny podcast! 😀 she seem like a cool girl,
i dont know about her if she like games or whatever, but i like star wars
and she loves it so yeah 😀 she’s cool!

JP Kyza says:

So basically this game will be like Destiny set on the Star Wars universe
with the Battlefield engine? 

Christian Lora says:

Can we fight in space? I really liked those battles in the PSP battlefront.
We can fight in space and actually go down to land to continue fighting.
I’m not a star wars fan but I really like the games.

IgorSaray says:

Does anyone knows how Colin’s gf looks?

And why don’t they marry for Pete’s sake,it seems like these 2 are dating
since forever

UnAmericancookie says:

Thanks Colin, Greg, and Chloe! News with you guys feels more genuine if
that makes sense :)

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