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“Shake The Death:” Bruno Mars Predictive Text Song

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Is our brand new Bruno Mars song made using predicitive text as catchy as “Uptown Funk?” GMM #1287.2
Watch Part 3: https://youtu.be/9Zj5TUsm4mA | Watch Part 1: https://youtu.be/WyWpBwE8UEs

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Dan B Design says:

Favourite line:
Whoa-o-oh-uh-wha-oh-oh-oh death death! 😂

Sumopandaman says:

"Snap that lady thang!"

Camfury says:

This is amazing 😂😂

Megan Carter says:

This song almost had moments of lucidity

Walker Browning says:

Sounds someone like bad lip reading

MissMimi says:

WOW this song is pretty LIT AF!

Jose Luis Castaneda says:

Dat thicc bass man

Kaiya Thomas says:

Link's voice improved!!

Bill Minkel says:

Should have used the Bruno Mars impersonator in some capacity.

Gavin Keane says:

This is incredible dark at times

Joe Baker says:

Is the song about the blood diamond trade

Kizzers says:

“Snap your sexy lady thing” NOOOOO ITS SOUNDS SO WRONG

Kizzers says:


Greg Kroll says:

Please get this on itunes!

Anna Weber says:


Tyffanee Lavely says:

yes I love when you guys make songs! That's my fav and you are damn good at it 😉 Song is hilarious.

Dilynne H. says:

dances 💃💃💃💃💃💃

Serenity2254 says:

can we please get Bruno Mars to actually make this song because I am absolutely loving it and it sounds just like him

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