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Shake Shack Eel Burger Taste Test

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Today we dig into the other other white meat — eel to see if the upcoming Shake Shack Eel burger is worth the hype. GMM #1178
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EndZiiel says:

Why does he look so calm" i think he was meant to say "gay"

Tina Peterson says:

Went to the petition and signed it and shared! 😊 love you guys

iRapplexD says:

fish is the best source of meat on the planet, period.

HanazawaEternalIce says:

I'm forever going to hear the chewing noises you guys make in my mind … Forever ~

YouTube is Annoying me says:

Guys keep the politics out of it. I watch your show because it's one of the only shows out there without politics. Love what you do, just not this plug.

Kimberli Cornell says:

I just signed up to take action for net neutrality… My friends will as well. I has to remain free

Anoumes user says:

Make dink it sink it merch!

Nathan Stauffer says:

honestly i would just eat the burger because it's a burger

Doctortwipotteron says:

I love eel(unagi with sushi I believe) it's my favorite thing to order anywhere if it's available.

Dusty Rose says:

Who the heck is on Link's shirt?Is it Ric Flair,'cause it looks like him,and that is definitely something Ric would wear.

juan carlos rodriguez says:

Links shirt makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RazorCharger says:

Snake shak eel

RazorCharger says:

Snake shak el

MiuNya says:

Eel sushi is my favourite though. It's like a meaty cooked tuna

eshcadaba says:

Done and done. Thanks for the heads up!

XenoFlare412 says:

Now i want a GMM Restaurant… ;b

Tim Pryde says:

Mega props to Rhett and Link for pushing Net Neutrality rather than their Streamies! Also, those chewing sounds were a bit loud lmao

GRIM says:

Thanks gmm for spreading the word of net neutrality

Daphne Cruz says:

Who heard rhett say eat the dog gamn bugrger

Benjodstand77 says:

If you're gonna Woooooooooo, then do it properly Link. Woooooooooooooooooooooo.

Libby Heins says:

8:05 Rhett just worms his way into the bowl past links arm 😂

scared is my chicken says:

I rather now eat crickets then eels.

Mr. says:


DarkReyven619 says:

You guys do know that the original ''other other" white meat, is baby right?(at least according to Mike Meyers) You guys are eating the ''other other other" white meat.😂😁💜

Cookie Lover says:

Don't nose hair shame Link

Cookie Lover says:

bbbut what if I want to do both

Josh Harness says:

from what I understand about the net neutrality issue. ISPs want to basically blackmail services to pay them extra fines and the like or they lower the priority that service gets for streaming. Like if Netflix wouldn't pay Comcast's thugs their protection money; then Comcast would basically cap the bandwidth it provides Netflix so shows can only run in 240 or they constantly buffer. I believe Net Neutrality seeks to prevent that sort of extortion.

Alida van Veen says:

Already took action, but I’m sorry, guys, I’m going to vote for you anyway 😉

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