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Sen. Ted Cruz : George W. Bush Levels Of Hilarious And Crazy Quotes

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“Cenk Uygur (http://www.twitter.com/cenkuygur) host of The Young Turks discusses some of the hilarious quotes from Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Some George W. Bush level hilarious quotes are hard to come by, unless of course you’re Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. He lays down some words of knowledge that can only come from Ted Cruz. Because Ted Cruz doesn’t do what Ted Cruz does for Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz does what Ted Cruz does because he is… Ted Cruz.”

Would you vote for Ted Cruz for President? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Read more here: http://gizmodo.com/8-dumb-quotes-about-science-from-new-nasa-overseer-ted-1678965577/1693152569/+ace


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Ted Cruz Crazy Quotes, 2016 Presidential Run, Obama v. TV, Netanyahu’s New Groove, Blogger Quits – The Young Turks Hour 1, 03/23/2015


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Hiarhu says:

We all know it’ll be Hillary and Jeb, just like everyone knew Romney would
go against Obama from the start.

carlos almaraz says:

thought only Americans can be elected president this guy must of did a lot
of bad things to just get into congress. *OH YEAH HES CUBAN TOO!!*

The night wanderer says:

One of the best comedians ever.

Edwin Casimir says:

Sad-eyed sleazeball needs to be deported to a convent in Winnipeg and put
behind a padlock.

Kelly K says:

“he’s Canadian and I guess sort of American”. no no he is all American
neither of his parents are Canadian his dad just worked in Alberta for a
little while where he was born his mom is American and he was pretty much
completely raised in America. don’t you dare try disassociating yourself
with him by associating him with my country.

The Independent says:

Ted Cruz is like stage four cancer for America

Wallace Pope says:

Wasn’t he born in Canada?

nj4ck says:

we need elizabeth warren to kick this guy’s ass or else we’re doomed.
Hillary isn’t much better than this wackjob.

guomaster says:

My grandfather went to WW2 a Christian, came back an atheist. 

gooseguse says:

Sometimes I want to hug Cenk. He makes politics interesting and highly
comedic lol

Plebeian says:

I’m a white Canadian who joined the US military and was never asked for
citizenship, not once, even when serving at a trident submarine base.

I was kicked out of (BUDS) for not being an American but I was immediately
given orders to serve at a base with nuclear weapons during the Raygun

Jayme W says:

Ted Cruz isn’t the least bit Canadian. Don’t disgrace Canada by associating
him with us. We want nothing to do with that guy. You Americans can have

Vladdy P. says:

Fuck Democrats and Republicans.

Bruce Lee says:

You imagine if Ted Cruz and Sara Palin teamed up? They’d be like the
ultimate Evil Axis of Retard. The Justice League of Bat-Shit Insane.

Mathias-Tobias Bradley says:

One thing that’s confusing me, why aren’t Conservatives making a big deal
out of the fact that Cruz was born in Canada like they did with President
Obama being born in Hawaii ?.

bobbytookalook says:

Vote for diversity, vote for the Canadian-Cuban-American-Texan?

TheSpiritOfTheTimes says:

What does it mean to be Hispanic? Cruz isn’t either mixed or Amerindian,
he’s white- are white Spanish and Portuguese Hispanic too or just Latin

TC Sam says:

Why Canada? Why did you give us Ted Cruz? What did we do to you? Sure, we
had that little kerfuffle in 1812, but you guys smacked us pretty good
then, so that can’t be it. How have we pissed you off that you gave us

Serial Experiments Dave says:

“he’s Canadian and I guess sort of American”. no no he is all American
neither of his parents are Canadian his dad just worked in Alberta for a
little while where he was born his mom is American and he was pretty much
completely raised in America. don’t you dare try disassociating yourself
with him by associating him with my country.

se7ensnakes says:

1) I will never vote for a politician that have not addressed the problem
and has a contructive record of dealing with the problems of the FEDERAL
2) If i serve in a Jury I will never find guilty anyone who have been
indicted by the IRS because I know that federal income tax revenues go to
the banking cartel.
3) If I serve as a jury in a foreclosure I will automatically vote against
a bank because i know for a fact that the bank loaned counterfeit money.

TheSpiritOfTheTimes says:

Since the US is not a democracy it’s obvious this loony won’t get the
backing of the bipartisan business class that runs the country- not because
he’s loony, but because he’s actually principled/fanatical enough to be a
liability and may not do their bidding. So it’s gonna be Clinton V Bush(or
other establishment Republican). 

Sammi Curr says:

Hands Up Dont Shoot really happened yo. Whites is all oppressing us and it
aint gonna stop until we get a Democrat president and attorney general who
aint scared to press no charges. Thats why we all gotta vote for Hillary
Clinton in 2016 or else racist whites gonna shoot us dead.

Adam Chester says:

I will be voting for Ted Cruz in 2016. Fucking America cannot handle
another democratic president. Unemployment rate is about fucking 15.5%, up
from 9% when Obummer took fucking office. The shit is hitting the fan, our
country is falling apart. 

stonem001 says:

rofl at the idea of a military chaplain coming up to an atheist soldier
who’s mortally wounded and going ‘you suck, athiest scum…you’re going to
hell, you realise that?’

J mcfadden says:

I know they say everything is bigger in Texas but Im not sure they meant to
prove they produce, or at least cultivate, the biggest idiots on Capital
hill. But I could be wrong. I am so glad Im not political. lol

rastaferrari829 says:

I thought you had to be American-born to be president? Or do you have to
have citizenship for a certain length of time?

Ross Miller says:

Now, I’m with Ted Cruz, if they want to send only right wing Christians to
die in these stupid right wing wars…I’m all in favor of that! 

morrison martin says:

A true American psycho.

ho2cultcha says:

if ted cruz were to become president, i would renounce my u.s. citizenship
as fast as i could. after watching him speak for about 30 seconds, i am not
only ashamed of being from the same country as him, but of the same

Frank Farmer says:

Oh so many things here. Cruz makes dubya and Palin look smart. I’m an
Atheist and I know damn well that a military chaplain provides comfort and
advice to everyone of anyone of any faith, or lack thereof. As for punch
me in the face, I’d invite Cruz to do it so I could beat the living shit
out of him and hopefully have it go viral on the Internet.

Panhandlers. That’s a difficult one. Every single one I’ve seen with a
sign (like “why lie, I want a beer”) are white. The blacks, Hispanics,
Asians, and other people don’t bother with signs. They just sit on the
sidewalk with what few possessions they have. Regardless of color, I give
what I can to anybody so desperate that they have to sit on a sidewalk.
I’m not rich, actually below the poverty line, and despite being an Atheist
I have a moral obligation to help those in worse condition than I am.

As for terrorists, the only ones we need to worry about are NRA bastards
with AK-47s and no concern for human life. They’ve killed far more men,
women, and children than all foreign attacks combined. Disclaimer: I own
guns, but won’t be involved with the NRA.

slither42 says:

why does TYT hate hispanics?

Arman Agahbanaei says:

We Canadians love sending our idiots to America so we don’t have to deal
with them =D Justin Beiber is how we repay all your kindness! =D 

Belloran24 says:

If Ted Cruz or some wackobird like him is elected, the U.S. will deserve
everything it will get. These nutters are laying out the crazy for all to
see and if people *still* elect them after that, who can feel bad for the
the U.S. in the next decade when the country is in a real mess? To the sane
ones left though, it may be time to start looking at your alternatives. The
country is already facing a lot of problems that are unlikely to be
resolved largely because Republicans refuse to even acknowledge that they
are problems. At some point you have to ask yourself, is that really what
you want to deal with in the coming decade? Do you want someone who is a
self-professed wackobird (meaning they see no problem with their extremism)
at the helm? Do you *really* trust someone like that to lead your country
when they think science is basically a conspiracy and ancient documents are
more relevant than modern day research? Really? Do you want someone who
literally can’t see past a 200 year old piece of paper that couldn’t
possibly have anticipated the problems we have today?

I don’t. And I don’t see a leader in any of the GOPers. I see a lot of
self-interested entertainers with very low intelligence. That might be
great for reality television, but that’s not what our country needs right
now. There should be no place for these people in politics. They are *not*
serious people. It’s time to stop playing at this and get serious about
actually trying to fix real problems. We need to stop catering to these
wackos like it’s funny. It’s just not anymore.

Lil Darius says:

How can a guy born into free health care be such a fuck bucket. He hates
his country and wants to turn america into someone else’s country. Wtf.

Howard Stern says:

People say that this wimp is very Smart…Yet he didn’t even know that he
was still a Canadian.

Mike Goss says:

Wouldn’t it be funny if Cruz ran, and won? I know,it would be the end of
the world but if your gonna go?

Stu Bee says:

Attention America: re T. Cruz.
It seems required that a reminder may be needed to review the contract fine
Note: Also included in the J Bieber and Celine Dion sales contract.
Sorry………….Have nice day………………..EH!


It would be potentially much less ominous for the world at large if Cruz
was a cynical hypocrite like Romney. This is evident that this fellow
believes that he is being influenced by the Lord, a deluded religious
fanatic on believes he is on a mission from God, scary. 

Michael0075 says:

(1-800-394-3472 )
Ring ring,……. ring ring,……
……… … ……… ……. ….
Hey Canada, your village ass-clown that you reported missing? Ted Cruz,
yeah, that’s the guy,….
…… …… …
Yeah, well we found him,…. do you want him back?
……………….. …………. …..
Or should we mail him to Taiwan?
…. … .. ………..
Bangladesh? You sure about that?,…..
….. ………… ….. …………… …….
Well I figured we could save on postage by,….
…………. …… ….. …………….
Yeah, I see you do make a good point there, Taiwan wouldn’t appreciate that
at all,…
…………. ….. …. ………. ……….. …….. ……
Oh,… that’s why,…. Bangladesh is almost precisely on the opposite side
of the planet? You sure?
……. ………… …….. ……
Yeah but maybe we could just mail his ass to say, oh I don’t know,….
Yeah, Jakarta,… I mean come on, think of how funny that would be! Some
dumb ass fuck Texan Senator arrives in Jakarta and starts blabbing his
mouth off to a bunch of folks who don’t hardly understand a word of
English,… it’s perfect!
……….. ….. ……. ….
Hey now come on now, you could at least help with the postage! Have you
seen what these Republican assholes have done to our credit?
…. …………… . …… …… …… .. …
Yeah I know right? Considering it’s an all expenses paid trip to a foreign
country, you’d figure the Republicans would be all for it,……
………… ………. …… … ..
Yeah of course, taxpayer dollars being spent on silly “business” trips, the
Republicans are all for that kind of stuff,….
…….. …….. ……. ……. …
Yup,… No problem, and we’ll be sure to not put a return address on the
……. ………. .. .. ……. …. . …. .. ..
Poke a hole in it? Yeah sure sure,…. consider it done! (click)

cne08 says:

America doesn’t need Ted Cruz as President.

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