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Ronaldo Scores Penalty From Own Half! | Funny Fifa Fails

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A collection of the best fails from FIFA 15, courtesy of LetsFifa

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Music: Cafe Culture by Bob Bradley

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THE1gameaddict says:

EA be like “there’s nothing wrong with the game”

aizat27 says:

0:50 Typical Mignolet

mabbby3 says:

Truthfylly this just shows how great the physics system is 

MrKeyboardwarrior123 says:

First comment YES! #thuglife #fuckthehaters #ifuckurmum

TruthStartsNow2 says:

Fuck fifa,they took head to head out and the text chat..Cunts! !

Danox94 says:

The scripting!

Nightwolf2350 says:

HAHAHahahahaha this game is so broken 🙂 even more then Unity was :)

Sameer Ramzan says:

That first goal was pure Banter

Morgan Freeman says:

HAHA. This shit is hysterical. 

Furhaan Naeem says:

Still a better game than PES

Dare to Adnan 11 says:

The whole game is a scam!

xtaticism says:

so turned off from fifa tbh

talkSPORT says:
TheHaffa01 says:

What is the name of the song

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