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Rhett & Link React to Kids React to Rhett & Link

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We’re going to watch the Kids React to watching us! GMM 364
Good Mythical MORE: http://youtu.be/got5wo0zc7w

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Creepers_Bellic says:

“Probably Airo dynamics of motion” “He figured it out” “He knew it was airo
dynamics of motion” xD

no, just stop says:

I like how Rhett said “homeschooled kids are rich” and he homeschools his
own kid. So technically, he’s calling himself rich.

Colin Chiang says:

im in 3rd grade and i didnt know kno hot the pillows work in the video

Dorothy Wimmer says:

My sister reacted to me reacting to you reacting to children reacting to you

So much reacting!!!!

Gianna Cosimini says:

No.. not all homeschooled kids are rich. I knew this one girl who was
homeschooled, she is not rich. And I am homeschooled. Also not rich

Tommy Karlsen says:

I think you forgot to link pewdiepie’s react video, give credit when u take
an idea please

EMROXRealm says:

I would have said Rhett looked like Sean from Psych . . .

dean winchester says:

i feel when Asia get older she’s gonna be sexy

KnighteyKnight says:

Wow. I can’t believe no one seems to know the difference between
“ambivalence”, “apathy”, “equivocation”, and “ambiguity”, nor did they
bother to quickly look up these words before posting comments about how
other people are wrong. It’s like a snowball of stupidity.

Slanted Frames says:

There should be a kids react to Rhett & Link React to Kids React to Rhett &
link. But after that there shouldn’t be any more. Can you imagine writing
that title.

Mia Lawrence says:

I think the kids react shows are the best shows for HAITERS that have a
family of LOSERS Kay?!

Ethan Shelhamer says:

I’m a kid and I’m watch people like pewdiepie Vanoss 

Glenboy21 says:

Great episode of “Businessman and the Boy” guys. I love that normal boy

9puppys says:

They should let there kids or wife’s react to this

Ze Bagel says:

Teens react to Rhett & Link react to Kids React to Rhett & Link. C’mon
guys, lets make this happen

Will Eckert says:

I haven’t ever seen you before maybe like once in passing but you got me to
subscribe the last part got me lol.

Simon Riley says:

*Michael Bay bwahhhhhhh!!!*

Poisonapple says:

Holy fuck. These kids. Why are american kids so stupid? In 1st grade all of
my peers knew exactly how they’d do something like this. Seriously. Either
their schools are terrible or their parents are holy fuck. BUT SERIOUSLY

Bobbert Monkey says:

my fiend and i have been friends scence kindergarten hes 15 and im 14 now

Lalita Figueredo says:

Lol I kind of feel sorry for them 

Ally Ginger says:

hey i am 10 but like you guys 

Kittayley says:

Kids React to Rhett and Link react to Kids react to Rhett and Link XD 

nightcore ninjaa says:

HEEYYY im a boy im 11 I watch you

LPSDauntlessTv says:

OHMYGOD “hes just a normal boy like me” i legit couldnt breath! that was so
funny! Im pretty sure my parents thought i was dying! 

Brigister says:

“Ambivalence” means “double value”, meaning that something can be used in
two different ways.

happy candymoustache says:

the telekinetic hipster trying to look cool Shakespeare man that looks like
a different version of wolverine and a business man otherwise known as RHETT

Now put that on a tshirt

sunny rush says:

Ppl yaeh right I’m 8 and I watched this sense 2012


omg look at that bit at 15:28 its so
do you now what else is funny that you just looked back lol

Yannicka Hanckmann says:

i am 12 and whatching you guys, i think you are amazing

Xtrapenguin says:

Im 13 and I think theyre amazing! These kids man…

grizzydoe23 says:

I started laughed when they asked the boy are u going to continue watching
ur video s and said no 

Marissa Abigayle says:

Rhett and Link I’m 11 and I watch you guys videos every day!!!

Beckham Press says:

The goal of your career is for child’s to watch you do stuff

Laura Tran Nguyen says:

I like the it’s the read house! It just crack me up

Cheri backman says:

Rhett link u have a chance to be on nickelodeon YOUR WILL BE AWSOME

Anurag Kumar says:

shut the f*** up kid my name is harsh

Undedicated MC says:

Now all we need is Kids React to Rhett & Link React to Kids React to Rhett
& Link

Marcus Wilkins says:

Well I’m a 11year old and I love your show and watch it before school after
school and before I go to bed 

Priya Cooper says:

Wait sorry the comments weren’t showing.

pie lover says:

I’m a kid reacting to reht and link reacting to kids reacting to reht and

Mason McGeath says:

Song Idea: A song about breaking ridiculous laws. like Jaywalking and etc.

Taylor Woozworld says:

I’m 11 years old and I love GMM! Those kids are Dumb, they don’t know what
there talking about!!

zina zone says:

Im at 6th grade and i still havent got a best friend for a moment at all

Sillygamer17 says:

They probably won’t watch them because of the red house video.

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