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Rhett and Link on Conan

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We discuss our appearance on Conan.
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Our guest this week is GloZell! (http://www.youtube.com/user/glozell1)

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Produced by Stevie Wynne Levine
Edited by: Alexander Swickard
Shot by: Ben Eck


Allen Kim says:

I know Glozell! She’s so funny. XD

Adventures With Bash? says:

If this is audio only why can I see you?

Bonnie's Plus-Sized Fashion says:

Link get out of the description.

Jameson Grilley says:

Is what they said about the talking during commercial breaks true?

ZTEiffel65 says:

I call bullshit on everything said here.

Aspen Stafford says:

why is Link in the description how do u do that

Sierra Bunny says:

Why dont i see link in the discription? They said he was there?

Andrew Blum says:

Fart in hell, lol

Joseph Rollins says:

Yes! A John Boy and Billy reference!

Rhett & Link says:

Special Saturday video… sneak a clip of the newest #EarBiscuits with
Glozell! And hear about our time on Conan.

Le Rose says:

Anybody know where you can watch the whole clip of their interview on

Brian Jones says:

Haha John Boy and Billy!! 

uberrave3 says:

Why is glozell banned from the tonight show, didn’t she go to like 600 of

7ExaltingroguE says:

Pretty interesting insight into how late night shows work

Kathleen Goetting says:

Lmao. I love how honest you guys are. And I love Earbiscuits!

AdamkocsisEthanhobson Pductions says:

Do earbiscuits with Miley Cyrus

Lauren Wilson says:

What channel r u

Diamond Phoenyx says:

Good thing I skipped most of it; I was expecting more of the actually Conan
footage, but I guess not.

Stampykitty says:

I think my uncle was on here like if you heard of Dustin Rech on this show

xRandomRiots says:

when he said link and rhett they should of said no its rhett and link

HisashiBuri8 says:

Now your Bacon number is a 2 BOTH OF YOU! Thank Conan for that lol

PeppyTheCrawdad says:

Have on Olan Rogerssss!

Lakeside Productions says:

Link is also in the description.Not Rhett.

Melody Amador says:

were you on the same nigh as Johnny Marr??

Luke Horgan says:

Amazing, the electric Ireland ad was on, which uses the same music as GMM

Emily Mowry says:


Caleb Boggs says:

This video said Link was in the description. I didn’t see him :(

Andrew Christian says:


axelskull says:

what was her video that was made by accident

logan wheeler says:

Special Saturday video… sneak a clip of the newest #EarBiscuits with
Glozell! And hear about our time on Conan.

Emilee Walters says:

Rhett and Link are awsome

Maya ThePanda says:

So you didn’t meet Conan until you got on stage? Plus he had to make weird
noises instead of actually talking to you during commercial breaks? Sounds
super impersonal and like he doesn’t care quite as much about his job as he
puts on. No wonder he couldn’t hold a spot on TV for very long.

OleanderGrids200 says:

No. I didn’t know, because I don’t listen to “Ear biscuits”. When I found
out, I unsubbed.

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