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Rhett and Link – ILLUMINATI 101 – Good Mythical Mo

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This is just a quick little response to Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Morning Show which aired this morning.

GMM Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xee2mU0qw44

Vigilant Christian Videos


Perry says:

White Rabbit I’m really scared. All of these things I’ve grown to love and
enjoy are horrible (Walt Disney, Our Government and even Google) I don’t
know what to do but I know I can’t give in because that’s what the elites
want. Ive tried explaining this to my family (christian) but they don’t
take me seriously, I think it’s because it’s hard for them to take in, it’s
hard for me to. If you have anything that could help it would be greatly

The Vigilant Christian says:

Wow powerful video !!! Great explanation! 

PoliceStateRadio says:

it’s called secret knowledge because it’s stolen knowledge. they have to
reveal it to us because that is the law of god which even these secret
societies have to abide by. so why would god not want us to know the real
truth about this fallen reality? how else are we ever to kick satan off the
thrown of this world?

PoliceStateRadio says:
The Hatter says:
A broken light † says:

Wow powerful video !!! Great explanation! 

rAdiant Jet says:

I used to like Rett and Link when they first started but as they goit
bigger I started seeing some of the subject matter turning towards the
government narrative. They are great guys that I would like to hang out
with but they might be puppets and not even know they are. Also I
understand what you are saying.

Tasha Angela says:

I love Rhett and Link.

They were joking on the situation. I’m sure

eggnose123 says:


The Relaxed Gamer says:

I’d have to say they are delibertly misleading. Why else would they speak
as if it’s a made up, and we’re just crazy kind way. The main reason why
they made this video is to produce a mass awareness as most of their videos
gets between 2-3 million views, a mass awareness of everyone who’s making
these claims are crazy nut jobs, who are out of their mind. Another thing
that the Holy Spirit is telling me is, the way they presented all this
information as it’s a game. They set up the term “illuminati or illuminot”
It’s a game, they make it a game to saturate their audience to view these
claims as such. Just my two cents. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to
speak with you on skype either tonight or tomorrow, I have found a shocking
discovery. I think you’d really appricate it. my skype is wesdawg7. I
really think I have found something that goes even deeper down the rabbit

#First #Last says:

Thanks for clearing up your last video. Your videos are great and keep up
the good work!

Ysr Mod says:

+Good Mythical Morning 

Vegan Christian says:

Hay Perry, put your faith in Jesus, he is the only truth, you won’t go
wrong, he revealed the truth to me and still does, your on the right track,
if others mock you, that’s their problem, not yours, God bless.

Susan C says:

White Rabbit I just watched your video rdy you had to make all your videos
private and I do agree with you 100%. First and foremost protect yourself
from what you know and listen to that quiet voice of the Holy Spirit but
you do not know as I have recently been finding out myself what you are
dealing with until you have become personally invested. and I believe the
Word of God and we know that this will only become harder. As prophecy is
fulfilled. I wanted to contact you about a very strange things that begin
to happen small little things at first when I really began my journey of
the TRUTH. I believe I had a little advantage because I Minster daughter,
nothing prepared me for this. lot of people I heard rumors regarding
entertainment industry because it’s actually so blatant that’s just the
tip, when you begin to seek knowledge you have to be prepared for what it
will bring never would have imagined where it would lead me, it is
overwhelming when you realize it is in the most sacred things that we have
all believed for centuries not just as Americans but as human beings. You
have begin Question everything. But your video helped me today I thought I
was the only one and then I also as you will not give place to Satan the
devil for our God is greater but the things that begin as I begin to tell
others at first I thought it was just a coincidence and they were not all
dark things. actually a lot was as if reaffirming or blatant yeah what you
going to do about it kind of thing. Like when the bible will repeat itself
throughout to reaffirm what God is trying to say do us. Satan it’s always
been the imitator of God in reverse. So while learn about MK and Disney,.
suddenly my tv went black and up pop commercials inviting me to Disney
world! I rationalized this as pure chance at first, then I received
something in the mail asking me to help save the monarch butterflies….
And be great effort you’re putting in to do just that and I knew I was not
paranoid. it made me back off for a long time as she said to jest let it
soak in and prayed. We should not fear because we know how the story
ends… And we need discernment and knowledge like never before and we must
be strong in the Lord. For HE chose US for such a time as this.. And
because media is controlled I don’t know how you find out any information I
said I’ll pray for you brother and I think he and all like you when we pray
in the name of Jesus for your protection

hawk 4 reason says:

so what you guys actually believe in god

Games Exposed says:

Great Video and summary of what the illuminati is ! Please make an edited
version exactly on the topic , if you edit it like you did with
mockingjay that will reach the world ! We will all help share . :)

Citizen of Gotham says:
MasterYuri says:

“luciferian entertainment industry” Rhett and Link ? really ?

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