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Retro Grooves Mix Pt. 2 [Vaporwave/Nu Disco/Future Funk/Synthwave]

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Take a trip to the past with an array of nostalgic sounds on Retro Grooves Pt. 2.

0:00 HOME – This Will Pass
3:13 Emil Rottmayer – T.I.M.E.
8:52 Airliner – Left Orange
12:05 Kyross – Synchronized
15:16 Billboard – Hydra
18:31 Airbird & Napolian – In The Zone
21:23 Lapti – Strangers
24:54 Harrison – Sunshine The Street Cat
29:00 Vanilla – Lose You
32:46 Sloslylove – Da Haunted
34:38 Basement Love – Nothing Else Matters
37:17 Capo Blanco – Cold Song
40:42 Flamingosis – Do It
43:40 Pyxis – Long Time Comin’
46:48 Letherette – Maybe
49:53 Bonus Points – Pizza And Video Games
52:26 Funkmammoth – Es Tas South
55:12 Kodak Cameo – Walk Away

Retro Grooves Part 1:

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Image source: http://kingsanda.tumblr.com/post/154712955552/3345rpmz-vinyl-art-funk-diamond-artist


Sirilak Thopwong says:

Love it love it thanks

lorena suarez says:

on 18:13 its like hotline miami

Ray The Pizza Guy says:

This is now my go-to homework mix.

alexx arancibia says:

muy bueno saludos de argentina

lorena suarez says:

this video is like 57:23 long b

ut who cares

Kuklinskiii says:


Mark Hazleton says:

Okay… now I can't stop listening to 46:48. That could easily be a Hip Hop beat. Reminds me of Hip Hop I was listening to in the early 2000's.

Federico Palacio says:

Amo este canal, nunca la cagan.

FIREC4N4RY2013 says:

best 57 minutes of my life spent ??

Robin Marty says:

Superb bass line in T.I.M.E o/. A mix that brings us back to a paralel universe of neons, synths and colored flying cars. Thank you humans !

Mark Hazleton says:

The beginning of Sloslylove – "Da Haunted" 32:46 always reminds me of the movie DRIVE. That 80's-Type Synth 🙂 I just picture cruising down the beach with Neon lighs on Nightclubs along the edge of the road.
THEN 34:38 is when you arrive at your prefered Nightclub… and that song by Basement Love is playing as you enter the club ;)

Tom gta4 M says:


Em1lit69 says:

Who makes these awesome art pics for the videos?

doge mlg says:

yo I've heard your songs and they are legit keep up the good work m8.

Alejandro Bakken says:

Y a a a a s s s s ! ! !

shai farnsworth says:


Lili wolfie Magic blue says:

Hello i love electronic gems

Starman Stan says:

Holy fuck there's Airliner in this, thank you god damn

Evandro Chaves says:

Awesome track dude!

GlamQueen710 says:

Wow amazing! I love Home ❤️️thanks to them I'm discovering more fucking amazing music to vibe to??

Nasos Evangelou says:

Freaking awesome.

Tatyel Music says:

I LOVE EVERY SUBGENEROS :"3 Vaporwave/Nu Disco/Future Funk/Synthwave

Alejandro Baca says:

This mix was a great start to my new year.

Erik Rodriguez Cisneros says:


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