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Remember summer days ( Vaporwave – futurefunk – electronic mix )

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0:00 driver – the eye of truth
2:28 Flamingosis – Flight of The Flamingo
5:25 waterfront dining – miami wicked
9:00 Night Tempo – If You Love Me
12:06 悲しい ANDROID – APARTMENT¶ – Remember Summer Days
14:33 Ichi no yoru – The City Lights Are So Beautiful
18:52 ROMAN – When I’m With You
23:52 ローマンRoman – Let’s Boogie! (Get Up!)
25:57 ロードスRhodes – Prysm
29:57 peazy86 – anything
32:50 Telan Devik – you win
37:19 Heavy Systems, Inc. — Ill Terminal
39:57 Telan Devik – Fire island
44:02 bl00dwave – simulations
45:25 Cosmastly – Run Away
48:12 Jan Au – Serious Delirium
51:44 16 yr old x Eera – Clear Eyes


Taylor Saputra says:

chillest comments section ever lmao, i love it.

Ghost Meal says:

pls don't become mainstream thx

JoJiJoJo says:

254 people are niggers

Troy Phonethong says:

reading my manga to this so perfect


ohhhhhhhhhhhh 21:25 <3

Carona Nigma says:

I wanna live in this picture^_^

Prem kumar says:

Best one of all the mixes.

N Ish-Shalom says:

Hey, Please, I would Really like to know where the image is from/the artist. Please, let me know asap.

TebiKEK says:

This is fucking amazing until 20:57 offbeats everything into shit lol

ATO123 says:

I've listened to this mix several times now and I just noticed the Nintendo 64 poster.

Animated says:

just wanted some nice slow music and this really delivered. ten outta tenn

Chardamajestic Galacticat says:

20 days after the date on the image I was born :b and my best friend would have then been 1 day old.

Solaa says:


Seduccion ya says:

ASMR music :)

Tyler Samuels says:

Flight of the flamingo is really good

Jordan Stauffer says:

Just listened to this and read Dante's The Divine Comedy for an hour. Surprisingly zen experience =] try listening to this genre while reading classics

5500somerandomdude says:

Really like this mix, reminds me exactly of summers when I was in the 90's. The feelings of hanging with the homies, waking up knowing you were gonna have fun, seeing that cute girl on the beach but being too shy to ask her out, staying up late watching TV and playing video games, finding out a kids mom that your mom babysat was a high priced escort, and best of all, just having the time of your life, not a care in the world. Those were excellent times.

weaselxx says:

i love the picture

joeehrusso says:

Aside from the last song I loved this playlist

doktormozg says:

t h i c c A e s t h e t i c

MKVN says:

where is the picture from? :)

bilacola says:

Congrats on another meme having over 1 mil views!

PureLiquidKittenz says:

Everything except that last song was dope.

Assier Cassalis says:

A W E S O M E V A P O R W A V E P R R O #H A I L G R A S A : v

Víctor Hugo Randon Garcia says:

There is a 64 Nintendo poster back at that wall, however, I consider this an "Anachronisme".

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