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PlayStation 3 Prank: Omegle Compilation #20

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Watch as Mr. Hand pranks people on Omegle with the Ultimate Prank!

Did you know that only ten pounds of pressure can break a PlayStation 3?

Omegle Antics. Omegle Fun.


Mr. Hand says:

PlayStation 3 Prank

Dat Lee Kick Doe says:

Kids in Africa would eat dat hand…

BigMan7o0 says:

You must be doing something right. I saw your add on a video from a
minecrafter. keep on keepin on man :)

Ashton Kerr says:

Great video, love your work Mr. Hand. Mission accomplished.

Joexproxbailey says:


Leisure Gaming™ says:

I’m hereeeee
The final people AHAHAHHA
CIAO Mr.Hand <3

Cain Flores says:

This goes out to all Xbox users out there…. I love Xbox

Zackary Branco says:

What language was that blonde hair girl speaking? 

Spike Carvel says:

Nice eyebrows mr.Hand,

SUP3RB says:

lol that girls face

oharryooyo . says:

Der hat grad die PS3 zerstört alta.. hahaha das war voll lustig :DThis girl
😀 (If some of you dont know the language, its german)

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