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Play Doh PRANK Ever After High Parody Apple White Barbie Raven Evil Queen Doll Toys Video S1E1

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Mattel Ever After High Prank video toy doll parody by AllToyCollector in a KidKraft Once Upon A Time Dollhouse. Raven Evil Queen’s daughter has an assignment at school to prank someone for a week! Raven Ever After High pranks Apple White by hiding her apples from her. Apple White is Disney Snow White’s daughter. Please watch more Ever After High Disney Toy Parody videos and Frozen Elsa videos by AllToyCollector and her sister DisneyCarToys ToysReviewToys.

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❤ Toy Translations ❤
Barbie in other countries is called Барби, 바비, 芭比, バービー人形, باربي, बार्बी, Barbi, Jogos, Juegos
Frozen in other countries is called “Frozen Uma Aventura Congelante” “La Reine des neiges”アナと雪の女王, 겨울왕국, 冰雪奇缘, 디즈니 냉동, ディズニー冷凍, “Замръзналото кралство” “O Reino do Gelo” “Die Eiskönigin

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Lps Hugger says:

Cast a spell on her lunch that will make her turn into a apple for a week.

Shaina Park says:

How about putting a secret spell on her eyes that makes her think that she
is in the forest right now for an entire day and make her miss her classes
because she think everyone is a wild animal like a chimpanzee or something.

Oyuncak TV says:

2:09 That’s an apple or a strawberry? =)
+1 Like! 

AllToyCollector says:
Natalie Ng says:

Fake being sick raven and say that she can’t go to class

Rarity Lovesyou says:

If she likes orea’s take out the cream and put in toothpaste 

LPSAWish says:

Merry Christmas
I’m going camping for 1week
I’ll have a whole marathon of videos to watch

Janna Abduljawad says:

Omg I’m the first coment and 3rd view and 1st like

Kirsten Faye Cherriguine says:

Maybe change her shampoo into your very own vinegar!

ienneganda sasbro says:

Dye her hair in to something rebelious and her outfit in to a rebelious oh
and change her make up that would be a hexellent suprise. get her

Gabriel5 says:

Just call her Apple not Apple White

Nour Nours says:

I really want an ever after high doll

Toy Kingdom says:

Merry Christmas Valerie :-)

laura bernal says:

Awesome fun cool video

Daily Things says:

Take all of her nice dresses and replace it into old pijamas

sucheta shahane says:

don’t say apple white just call her apple

Ayiana Arismendez says:

Curse her magic mirror like in one of the “spellbinding” webisodes

AngelaPlaysMinecraft says:

Merry Christmas

karmel78 says:

Many during lunch make her chair float!

megankidstoys says:

Maybe you can pretend they are killing someone and then everyone will come
to the rescue but you playing her

AngieCandy 123 says:

Make one when Raven be’s Apple and Apple would get confused

kathy huynh says:

When she goes through the door por water on her

sage says:

Steal her makeup

Ella K says:

I think you should take her glasses and replace it with a hot dog

Taya moore says:

Put something in her shoe

Shonda Gray says:

You can also prak applewite by telling the hole school adout her glasses

Jacqueline Lacayo says:

You should throw pie at her face when she gets home

226jerseygirl says:

Take AppleWhite favorite shoes and hind tham 

David Mark Green says:

Tell her teacher she peed on you raven queen

Jaylin V says:

Put temporary green hair dye in Apple whites shampoo 

CarlosMontejano says:

Raven glues Apple White’s glasses. So when she puts the glasses on they
will be stuck.

arturo morales says:

Merry Christmas I am a big fan of yours happy holidays or happy Christmas

Michelle Ndjibu says:

Put sneezing powder on all of her apples.

Audri NaturallyMe says:

you can dye her skin blue

Jackie Coazozon says:

Tell Apple white that you don’t have school 

Janna Abduljawad says:


kieun Sung says:

When Apple goes into the room, you hide and scream at her face to death

balaravi sivapragasam says:

Be behind her mirror and say some mean things

Anthony Nguyen says:

Put slime on Apple white when she is sleeping

Gagan Bhangoo says:

Raven you should prank Apple White by hiding her christmas gifs.
From: Gagandeep

Makenzie Michaelson says:

Raven should put toliet paper all over her bed.

danshim0801 says:

draw some thing in here pillow

Jane Brockman says:

repost her glasses on Facebook

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