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NBA 2k15 – Shaq HILARIOUS Cut Scene!

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NBA 2k15 – Shaquille O’Neal HILARIOUS Cut Scene!
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STG says:

Lmaooooo Shaq

NGUx Tank says:


Like if you guys agree so STG can see!!!

Chris L says:

Because I’d kill them all!

Maurice G.J says:

Just 2 days left…

MrTorsation476858 says:

Didn’t Melo jump the tip in the all star game?

Roman Guerrero says:

1st to comment on this vid

okeino trowers says:

lmaoooo only shaw

KrisPY97 says:

Is shaqtin a fool in there?

Soe Locust says:

I like these cutscenes i just wish they werent so like statues

Nick Casperson says:

I wish they were announcers for the game, not just the pregame show. 

STG says:
Prince Edward says:

In asia its tuesday tomorrow

jake lowry says:

how is k love in west

Catdaddy22 says:

Can we please get some my career

Augustino Previlon says:

STG I Would Love See Kyrie Irving Ratings In Nba 2k15

mufcrlz | Sub 4 Awesome NBA 2k14 Mixes ► says:

lmao :D

PeacemanNOT says:

Wow…really funny.

Ps3sportsgamer says:

“It’s my fault, because I killed them all! *evil laugh” Lol great video!

Mcudy228 says:


BregStay23 says:

Lol 😀 nice

Adrito ChOWDHURY says:

Cause i killed them all

Rafiq Mangi says:

I love this STG can’t wait till Tuesday so I can get my copy keep it up!

KingDev Gaming - Daily NBA 2K15 & Madden 15 Videos says:

Shaq lmaoo funny!

Nicholas Miller says:

Will this be on Xbox 360 marketplace ??????

Joeyyy25 says:

lol shaq will always be such a fool

JRKnicks5 says:

FIfa or 2k?

DerpingPandaGaming says:

Where’s Barkley at? Should’ve added him

James Cook says:

RIP Many Many Big Men.

Troy Barbour says:


ShellshockerzW00 says:

Hehehehehe wtf xD

cordarryl harris says:

I guess i will buy the xbox one friday

xTJ104 says:

So funny I forgot to laugh. 

Alex Knuff says:

Da fuck lol 

ElTazzo Kicks says:

If only charles and kenny was on here thoeeee.

Jackson Turley says:

I didn’t laugh

Ricardo Avellan says:


Shao Kahn Jr. says:

24 hours…

TheMCRen says:

Hilarious but also true.

butta1080 says:

only got til midnight and im on it

SR-Wizz says:

Aha cant wait for tuesday 

66macdaddy says:

i kinda giggled…

Kai Bremer says:

Celeb team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biboy0303 says:

Stg can you show us my league mode
Thanks for the vids

Chase Mamrocha says:

I know its just something so small but it makes it way better, just the
hand gestures from EJ make it so much better, more realistic instead of
just sitting there without moving, very nice visually

John Doee says:

STG You should create a player so we can see the new stuff they added 

k-money killer says:


Tyrel Swagman says:
Daniel Carter says:

This was hilarious…

K den says:


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