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My OCD (Song)

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A song about making things right. iTUNES: http://bit.ly/MyOCDsong

NOTE: We understand that OCD is a serious mental disorder that significantly affects the lives of millions of people (including Rhett’s wife). This song is not intended to make fun of people with OCD, but rather to demonstrate and poke fun at the tendency of so many people to point out things that are off-center, off-balance, etc. and say “It’s driving my OCD crazy!” We have an extensive discussion about this very thing, as well as what OCD really is, on this episode of Good Mythical Morning: http://youtu.be/-1QeJAmpvGk

Thanks – R&L

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Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link
Music Production by: Mark Byers
Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
Edited by: Benjamin Eck

Yo Frank as “Sideburns Dude”

AD: Stevie Wynne Levine
Production/Prop Coordinator: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
Prop Design: Cassie Cobb
AC: Peter Mares
Gaffer: Todd Bishop
Key Grip: Andrew Kowalski
Audio: Rich Gavin
PA: Chris Frederick
PA: Alexander Punch
Production Intern: Chase Hilt


Rhett & Link says:

We understand that OCD is a serious mental disorder that significantly
affects the lives of millions of people (including Rhett’s wife). This
song is not intended to make fun of people with OCD, but rather to
demonstrate and poke fun at the tendency of so many people to point out
things that are off-center, off-balance, etc. and say “It’s driving my OCD
crazy!”. We have an extensive discussion about this very thing, as well as
what OCD really is, on tomorrow’s episode of Good Mythical Morning. Thanks
– R&L

Hïnatå Hýugå says:

Everyone who comments sentences out of order or in big and small letters I
want to tell you this. There are people who watched this video then read
your sentence who DO have OCD. That shit hurts like hell to read and to
respond to,so I ask you even if the comment is just for fun or random
please don’t comment it with everyone. As a person who has OCD I had to
resist the urge to curse some people out about it. And for everyone who is
getting offended from the video its just for fun,humor so please calm down.
And for the people who act like they have OCD and told everyone that , you
are an attention hog.Why would you lie to get people to respond or like
your comment? Real people have this mental disorder and for you to sit
there and LIE about having it pisses me off.

LCxCZ says:

iT mUst, bE reaLly inFUriating when S0mEone d0esn”T, FIniSh tHeiR

Lucy Ambrese says:

OCD doesn’t just have to be things like letters being different sizes (and
I’m not talking about the video here, I’m talking about the people who have
commented). I have symmetry and order OCD, which means that if I do
something with one hand, I must do it with the other. If I scratch my right
leg, I have to scratch my left one too, in the exact same way. Also once I
have said words I might repeat them over and over in my head. Also feeling
the need to touch certain things – there is more, but I won’t go into
everything. My point is, there are four main categories of OCD, and things
like this are usually what people and society focuses on – when it’s a lot
wider than that.

Lisa Bloom says:

My OCD (Song): http://youtu.be/tnzz-eFmKaw

Carlee Ticer says:

Everyone commenting large letters then small letters, stop… Just stop!

MCgirl1152 says:

This perfectly explains my life. lol

FaZe Cronex says:

I have OCD, and this is an awesome song! Great job! 

chocolatemaster says:

EveRy oNe sToP mAkiNg FuN oF PeOplE wItH oCd ( rhEtT anD lInK aRe oKaY

Avid Indoorsman says:

I have CDO.

Poppy Yerrall says:

I have OCD, and I fucking hate having it. This video bothered me so much, I
wanted to jump into the screen to fix things, but great video and song. All
girls at my school try to pretend to have OCD and it annoys me so much! I
just want to shout at them, those stupid bitches need to realise OCD is a
serious thing and they need to stop saying they have it for attention, some
slut in my year called Bethany put her Snapchat story as “hate having ocd!”
and it pisses me off so much! She also pretends to self harm.. She’s
honestly pathetic and it annoys me so much.

Odd Gunnar says:

People mocking O.C.D. in the comment section.

You realize there is a big possibility you killed someone with those
comments right?
Yes O.C.D. can be that bad.

LawnBowlerUK says:

HaHa. I ThiNk tHat yoU OCD sufFerers aRe gOing tOo bE mAd aT mE! :P

Anthony Mancini says:

yep i have OCD that song describes me

Soviet Admiral says:

Some of you guys are assholes in the comment section, torturing people with
OCD by fucking up the letters in your comments.

Maddey Strayer says:


zacary Cook says:

Hey everyone!

NoirYorkCity says:

prety enterntTaining 2 wutch dis

Gamzee Makara says:

PeOpLe WiTh OcD mUsT hAtE hOw I tYpE tHeN…

Zoo Keeper15 says:

Everybody who is torturing people in the comments by writing ever other
letter in uppercase, STOP.

Autism, OCD, bullying, etc. etc. is NOT something to joke around / mess
around with.
People with OCD can kill theirselves because of this.
it’s THAT serious.
And if not kill themselves, they can be suicidal.
So, please, do not joke about autism, OCD, or anything other.
Oh! And think before you say, okay dear?

~Ꭶtay Ꭶtrong

Piper Dragneel says:


Amber Weasley says:

+Leah M

*Mischief Managed*
~Amber the Potterhead and Hillywood® fan

Esther Kim says:

it bugs me SOOOOOOOOOO much to watch this!!!!! 

bryan jacobs says:

this was the most anxious video ever for me cause having OCD is really

Adam Hansen says:
Dylan Girl says:

im diagnosed with ocd and this isnt anything close to what its really like

Kenzie TheStalkerChick says:

I, personally, have a ‘OCD’ when i type ‘!?!?’ I have to have an equal
amount of ‘!’s and ‘?’s
And I have the song stuck in my head…. .-. Thank you. * Insane grin *

Dartanyon Haynes says:

Death the kid thumbs up this video.

TiGeR Hessy says:

since the beginning i was like “if dont have any of those” then the toilet
paper showed up , my ocd was annoyed even by watching the video 

Kitty Starr says:

According to this video, I have OCD (Everything until they got to the
snacks bothers me). I even refold towels in other people’s bathrooms if
they are folded wrong or unevenly. I had to train myself to step on cracks
in walking paths or tiled floors because until I was in my early 30s, I
couldn’t. But I don’t think I really have OCD… I’m just… odd.

liam maguire says:


batman88891 says:

I have OCD, and personally, I like the song. I think Rhett and Link are
good singers, and the lyrics are fine with me. Although, with some of the
things listed, it did personally get to me, like the bite out of the gum
(My OCD mainly focuses on food; I don’t like people touching my food,
plate, utensil, etc, even sneezing near me while I eat).

Ryancup says:

lol ocd is for gay kids with no life everybody that has ocd is a crazy
mental kid 

lilly bee says:

What’s the difference between OCD and a perfectionist not much they need
stuff to be perfect or they’re brains malfunction so being a perfectionist
just means our not diagnosed

Skullfort says:

hI guY”s I just WantEd TO saY I HaTe YoU aLL

rosalina6677 says:


deadfall says:

I have OCD and I literally make my eyes go into my eyelids and just yell
when something is uneven, and I keep trying but I can’t make it better, (I
am in 5th grade, but this is kinda inappropriate) we are learning about
plant reproduction, and the workbook is talking about how new plants are
made and it just says a and sexual combined and so it says asexual
reproduction, so I have to flip the page cuz it annoys me so much, and in
the vid I’d say the thing that annoyed me the most is the gum… Rhett, u
just bit it and I started at it like I was a demon, the song even says:
make it the way it’s supposed to be, and that is the opposite, when u peel
it, it’s not even, my. Head hurt so much to watch that.

Slender Sam says:

HeLLo mY NaMe iS SlEnDeR sAm

Junel Tulalian says:

If you guys have OCD why are you watch this don’t you guys have to do
something else. If your diagnosed with OCD then your mind will go crazy

XXsuperluigi says:

You know what would be funny? If one of the video pictures at the end of
the song were lower than the other one

Patricia Davids says:

I have OCD, not a lie. I want to straighten my hoodie strings (making sure
they are aligned), align picture frames, even make sure everything is even.
Just like in a Pizza Slice.

Anyways, this song really got to me. I just had the urge to get inside the
video and fix everything. But unfortunately, I can’t… which sucks so hard
for me.

Daniel Jansson says:

This vidio is very painfull

Vishal Cain says:

I don’t have OCD but I get so mad because I think it should be CDO in
alphabetical order. Oh wait…

Tyler Witt says:

I don’t believe that man has *ever* been to medical school.

bella naser says:

This is not just the symptoms of OCD. I have OCD though I do not exactly
get irritated by unsymmetrical objects. My OCD means if I touch ANYTHING, I
have to wash my hands straight away! I can not touch ANY food and can not
be in the room when someone is preparing a meal as, if I see it I will not
eat it. I am not hating on Rhett and Link as I love this channel don’t get
me wrong, though people are always saying ” OMG THAT THING IS UNEVEN”
though they do not see the real side of OCD! Anyone like me will understand
what I’m talking about. Sorry if this’s is a bot annoying!just wanted to
get it out there.

Anya Naylor says:

Guys, just so you know a lot of people who think that they have OCD don’t.
If you have OCD you would literally be bothered by the things in this

Pyromanic519 says:

The toilet paper direction seems like it would vary since different people
prefer it different ways.

Kayla Platt says:

I was listening to this song yesterday and last night I had dream that all
I did was sort M&Ms by color. Except every time I added one to it’s color
pile, another would pop out.

Lily Miller says:

I have OCD, I think.

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