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My Hair Song – Rhett & Link

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Comment: Team Hair Up or Down? — Get the song on iTUNES: http://dft.ba/hair — BEHIND-THE-SCENES: http://youtu.be/bqOBpW35qGQ

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Written, Performed, Directed, & Edited by Rhett & Link
PA and Bird Handler: Jason Inman
PA: Nick Bishop
iPad Catcher: Levi Kitchens

Kids with boat: Lily and Lincoln Neal, Locke and Shepherd McLaughlin
Robotic Full-size Baby: Lucius Kitchens
Baby-daddy: Joseph Barkley
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Stock footage provided by NASA, ‬footagegratis.com, ‪islamicemirate.com Tags: rhettandlink, hair, song, my hair, whip my hair, rhett, link, birds, baby, robot baby, music video, comedy, funny, hair goes up, hair goes down


GreenActionFootage says:

My hair goes aside… Now what?

Slenderbanana880 says:

my hair goes perfectly flat. my hair is a plate. i am a plate. i am a
burger. burgers do not have hair. i am a pig. pigs have hair. do i exist?
why is a pig not a plate. and why is a burger not a plate or a pig? either
way, i am a man. a man with a dream. a dream to be a sandwich. a sandwich
of life. we are the life sandwich. we must learn to love, and lead a life
of mustaches. everyone gets a mustache. what were we talking about again?

Ji Park says:

Oooohhhhh!!!! This is where the song came from!!
Referring to the Lady Antebellum GMM episode :)

XxXDivineGamingXxX says:

Guys if you look closley the bird is FAKE

mochalex says:

I let my hair decide for me every morning.

Anna Pirie says:

Hmm, I have long hair that goes down (I’m female) but I almost always,
every single day, wear it in a ponytail, so I’m team updown! Lol. What are
you guys?!

Brendan K says:

im bald. now what?

Kimberly A says:

That is funny……… Unicorns are awesome. They are awesomer than the
square root of 144 and how it works. What is a square root anyway? It’s
when you multiply the # twice and get a #. I’m in 4 grade and know that
already and haven’t learned it yet either. I’m smart, but not COOL. At
least the way I think COOL means. COOL means Constipated, Overrated, Over
Weighted, Losers. Yaeh. That’s right. I just said that. Now I must go to
save the planet Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm from the zombie apocalypse.
Aloha!!! 🙂
P.s. Unicorns rule!

Štěpán Trvaj says:

Its funny when they say “Link is in the description”. I always imagine
Link(the guy with black hair) in the description.

Roger Does Cooking says:

My hair goes down

Izzy Lauman says:

my hair goss up in the mornings and down the rest of the day

Breeanna Cooper says:

Does your hair go up my hair goes down dose your hair go up my hair goes

hailey michel says:

Hair down sorry Rett 

Green Eyed Tiger says:

I on links side lol. Team down, cuz I’m a girl LOOOL

Adelle Harbin says:

I’m team neutral my hair is both

Lucio Guel says:

my hair gose down becase am i girl with short hair that gose to the botton
of my neak lol DOWN TEAM cx

Jianna Gleason says:

My hair goes down but I like to were pony tails like every day so I don’t
know if it is counted as up or down.

Ash11 24201 says:

My hairs up for cheer but down every other time so both

Jason Voorhees says:

hair up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linds D. says:

My hair goes down, then sideways, then up, then down again.

Dudebug2000 . says:

Thumbnail: IGGY AZALEA?!

Danny Clothey says:

Im Team Down Sorry Rhett

gabby manczunski says:

For guys,i’m team “hair up” but since i have over 2ft of hair my hair will
always go down 

relax cat says:

my hair goes down..Rhett is like the only person with that hairstyle 

Don The Kraken Witt says:

500 thousand of these views is mine alone

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