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My First Album: Weird Al Yankovic

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Weird Al Yankovic explains how he taught himself to play accordion by listening to Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on repeat as a kid.

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My First Album: Weird Al Yankovic


Puuh13 says:

this man is a legend

Macca Harrison says:

I love Weird Al so much!! :D

Lambieschmoo says:

I saw Weird Al and his band in concert and they put on an awesome show.
They are all truly gifted musicians.

Paul Coleman says:

amish paradise ,lol

[ V e g e t a ] says:

I’ve never bought an album. Or even a single song for that matter.

Jordan Grimmer says:

Funny, the first album I ever bought was “Running with Scissors.”

Peter Waters says:

If Weird Al released an all-accordion version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,
I’d buy that immediately

Dirt Poor says:

Id trust weird al with my firstborn in an apocalypse.

RedShockInc says:

Weird Al is love, Weird Al is Life!

MrAnonymous2470 says:

He’s one weird dude 

Mick Merriman says:

Some of my first albums were Weird Al! This man is one of the musical gods!
An anomaly to be in the business for nearly 4 decades off of parody and
comedy…the proof is in the pudding. Rock on, Al! I even used to watch UHF
over and over. :D

Jonhatan Sanabria says:

My First Album with Weird Al Yankovic

Rosie Forsman says:

Such ambition, to teach yourself an instrument in that way! Props, Weird
Al. It paid off.

CheekyDelinquent says:

Weird Old Yankovic.

Jlou Cha says:

That is so cool…that was the second LP I saved up to purchase at age 13
and I loved that it was a double album!!

Rachel Hudak says:

Taught himself how to play the accordion? Figuring out chord
progressions?Damn he’s so smart! There is no denying he’s a creative genius
and he’s a stand up guy. Some of his songs though, are annoying and give me
headaches from rolling my eyes so much. Just my opinion. I respect him

Waldog says:

JIMMY!!! You have the clout to make this happen!: Get Al in heavy make-up,
have him on The Voice, or America’s Got Talent, and have him perform a
‘never heard before’ parody of one of the judge’s songs. I’d smash my
left nut with a 5 pound hammer to watch that happen!

YTfancol says:

I love Weird Al. He´s awesome !!

Robert Eskuri says:

Los Lobos plays some badass accordian too.

0pima0 says:

Just found out I’ve been pronouncing “Yankovic” wrong all this time…

Andrew Kachaniwsky says:

My first album was Weird Al’s “The Food Album” :)

befriendthebeast says:

At a studio where my band practices i saw a signed picture by weird al, i
asked the owner about it and it turns out he was part of Al’s band when he
started out

William Becker says:

the dude’s mannerisms haven’t changed in 30 years

clanvvars says:

Not a fan of Elton, but Al’s a pro!

reeljeenyus says:

so… Elton John is to blame… I see…

RealStickyBusiness says:

Probably the most normal I’ve seen Weird Al ever.

Ross Coughanour says:

My first album was Dare to Be Stupid. Thanks Al. You rock.

Michael Paton says:

Weird Al! Yaasss!!!

YEVIN perera says:

love dis guy

Modest Mouseketeer says:

I thought this was going to be about his first album. As in, the first one
he made.

Anna Nelstar says:


b1p0l4rt says:

I saw Al here in Albuquerque a few years ago. He has so much energy and
charisma, I was totally impressed. I hear that he is a big yoga
practitioner. His high kicks were epic!

abenshnegalboff says:

Am I the only one that sometimes confuses Weird Al for Tiny Tim?

Corslife says:

love these interviews where musicians talk about their influences.
backstage broadcast are also doing this regularly it’s really fun to watch.

FreakieFan says:

I love him!

hollis frampton says:

I am here.

Zidders Roofurry says:

OMG this is the best thing ever. Al has been such a HUGE influence on me
since I first heard him on the Dr. Demento show (it was his first time on
the show and I happened to be listening in). To know that the first album
he bought was also the very first album I bought is amazing. This is why I
love Jimmy Fallon <3I'd love to hear Al play Funeral for a friend/Love lies

matt3x99 says:

Hi Jimmy!

Chox TheMuse says:

Amazing dude!! Your hair looks great by the way =)

Skylar Smalt says:

Finally he’s decided to grow back the mustache thank you lord

Rodrigo Acosta says:

Is there anyone cooler than Weird Al? I mean anyone… Any human

ilovehanszimmer says:

Love this guy! 

NiGHTSaturn says:

Al is so chill. I’d love to have a conversation with him.

StarCrusher says:

Thanks Elton.



Jeremy Potter says:

That’s funny. Running With Scissors was my first album. 

Rizki Dewanto says:

hey jimmy. can u pls make the roots do lip sync battle, caz the roots are
so many, why not make the people vote, who against who, every 2 week, let
their inner soul shine jimmy 🙂 salam from indonesia.

David Evans says:

Doctor Demento!!

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