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Minecraft DEATH TAG! #4 (Funny Mini-Game!) – w/ Preston, JeromeASF & Choco

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PrestonPlayz - Minecraft says:

DEATH TAG! with @JeromeASF & @ChocoTheChocobo 😀 

Master Gaming says:

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?

Cause the p is silent! Lol

Zachary Ozmon says:

I love how u say fudge instead of f***. I hate people who cuss and I’m 18

Jennifer Graham says:

Preston is right he is the bacca master Jerome is wrong sorry Jerome

Shelby Marx says:

Tooday im not feeling so good, im sick and watching prestons videos does
not cure me, but it sure makes me feel happy and better c:
Tnx for the great vids keep it up

Troll Jenkins says:

Choco was so quiet because you guys would not shut up

Paige Anderberg says:

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, Preston’s videos always put me in a good mood.

Sophie Bevilacqua says:

Anybody else saw the troll face on 18:05?

Shashwath Shetty says:

Did Jerome change his nametag from ASFJerome to JeromeASF?

Obey Vaqqos says:

Baka in Japanese is stupid so Jerome just said he came from the stupid
land. Lol 

Gaspar Specs says:

The lava mob, it lives

Matus Lacko says:

You were right lol,how does the Bacca himself not know this? ._.

Erik Perez says:

no he come from jungle and preston

PuddingWithChima says:

Wait I thought Jerome’s username was “ASFJerome”, not “JeromeASF”!! 😮 lol

John Ferreira says:

Today’s my birthday


Im Soooooo Stupid
I just realized your preston from jerome and there vids.
I have no idea im so dunb

Carl Clause says:

I was in this video

Veere Moltmaker says:

Jerom is right bacca’s slurrppp

Lilly Donahoe says:

Make hunger games like if you want more hunger games everyday 

Carielle Chua says:

*Sigh* Bacca is short for Chubacca. Jerome doesnt even know his own kind.

Rebekah S says:

Preston, you are always right, don’t worry about what Jerome thinks…

Rj McCoy says:

Preston always puts a smile on my face even though I am barfing a million


preston, im sorry, but jerome is right. he is his own kind

syrupman gaming says:

Preston is right!

Riley Chivers says:

Jerome is correct

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