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Melanie lyrics -Weird al yankovic

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Here are the lyrics to Melanie the song is by Weird al yankovic and once again sorry if I missed spelled anything in the lyrics. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it.


CMC 123 says:

Melanie Martinez

Rodney McPherson says:

he finally landed Melanie and that lead to the song " You Don't Love Me Anymore" haha

Clorox Bleach says:

Read the description it says if I missed spelled anything but its mispelled come on now

elijah riemer says:

i love this song i have it on a CD

Rhianna Barr says:

The melody is actually quite nice, reminds me of late '60s sunshine pop

NateTheMovieGuy says:

Well that escalated quickly

MelKat says:

I've been looking for a song with my name. I have the most special one in my family.

Melanie Close says:

finally. I have been searching far and wide for a song with my name

Banana B34r says:

Wow…….. Wtf did I listen to

Melanie Telesmanic says:

All of us poor Melanie's….

jeremyjamesdewitt says:

I don't know what to do with a new song

Melle O says:

LOL – I'm so ummm…. thrilled? to have a song with my name in it. Sure beats rhyming my name to "felony."   It's not just me, I hope, but Weird Al is looking good at about 1:50. 🙂

Melanie Chapman says:

Well this is the creepiest song I have possibly ever heard! Now I am scared of my own name.

CinematicMaj says:

no it's not

CinematicMaj says:


melanie snyder says:

Oh goodness, my name attracts stalkers…nice.(;

TodayWasAFairytale29 says:


Claire Sharleen says:

Same! I use a fake name of claire! lol!

Claire Sharleen says:

This makes me scared of my own name.

THLsays says:

The app SongPop links to this as the full version of the song, under the "Parody Songs" playlist.. I traded in my coins for it without even knowing what songs were in it, thinking SURELY all that Weird Al cassette tape listening will finally pay off..

Emily Robinson says:

this song has always creeped the shit out of me cause it's a stalker song and I've had a stalker, but at the same time, I love this song haha

Victor Kidd says:

then can i go out with you? XD

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