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Matt Lauer’s Epic Prank

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The “Today” host finally exacted his revenge on Ellen. We have the video to prove it.


Winstonsicle says:

What a waste. Starving children in Africa could be eating those ping-pong

Liam Reford says:

Gotta admit, first time I’ve seen Ellen knee deep in balls.

mizshopoholic says:

i would never even think of pranking ellen, she’s definitely the queen of
pranks. can’t wait to see what will happen on april fools

Trong Nguyen says:

My birthday did not go well can I get some likes please? 

Yackie Resendiz says:

Should of called Roman Atwood for this.

rachael.has.entered says:

Anyone notice the license plate? 

Laura Walker says:

Hilarious, but I can’t help but think of the poor soul who has to clean all
of this up. Pretty sure it won’t be Ellen, or Matt Lauer. Ha ha.

Beth Goldstein says:

I never thought You would be the kind of evil that takes two parking spots
thats like super disney evil

Razzlewolfflight says:

So…what did she do with all of the Ping Pong balls?

Mandeville Sisters says:

Omg. This is so great XD XD

BoxxyFan says:

Millions of people starving in Africa, and two rich privileged Americans
are wasting money on buying and wasting Styrofoam balls to prank each
other. This is what is wrong with the world right now.

Skilluminati - Road to 100k Abos says:

If my last video get 1000 Dislikes, i eat myself.

Genevieve Lee says:


Luna Vega says:

Ellen’s staff did the prank and wrote the jokes, just saying.

Retroshift says:

how she knows there are 20,000 ping pong balls?

Butter Toast says:

A ping pong ball pit. That would be AWESOME!!!

MrHeyfuckoff says:

I don’t think Ellen has ever not driven a Porsche

Brad Tomlinson says:

Very funny! :-)

Pramod Ghuge says:

+RomanAtwood you are inspiring a lot of people

Dweebix says:

Unless they had her keys how’d they get in? unless it was unlocked.. but I
doubt it.

Mr.Toke says:

some assistant is really blown that they have to clean it up 

Foxy Fluff says:

Wow, I love how good of a spirit ellen is about this XD This is great
through. XD 

MrZer000 says:

Would have been funny to light one of them^^

TheAnanomalie says:

Am I the only one who noticed the similarities between this and Jimmy
Kimmel’s pranks with John Krasinsky and Emily Blunt?

Wakabunga.com says:

ahahahaha 😀 takes a lot of balls to pull off this thing :D

Ray Izard says:

I don’t understand why Ellen, who’s always like “celebrate who you are” is
making fun of of people who are genuinely involved in the fetish community!

Alexander Morrison says:

If theres one thing ellen don’t like, balls

Griffin Rees says:

What kind of SUV is that?

jd aguilar says:

The License Plate 

Aya Obaid says:

Her tag omfg “lotta balls”

MajorKuhkie says:

Americans shouldnt drive german cars, thats the message ;)

Marshal Jim Duncan says:

The license plate said “lotta balls”

Omar Alzaabi says:

if u think this is funny, u havent seen anything yet

Skylar Marie says:

The license plate hahahah

ziggyboi1995 says:

What a waste. Children in Africa could have eaten those ping-pong balls. 

mandrodify says:

Why is she parked liked a douche

Aubrey Tolnai says:

He wins

Thant Zaw Win says:

Am i the only one who noticed… she can’t park a car?

Turbo617 says:

Double parking faggot.

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