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Comment Questions of the Day!
(Answer Any or All!)

1. What is YOUR REVIEW of Mariah Carey’s live performance? Would you prefer she lip synch?

2. Thoughts on Eric Garner and #ICantBreathe?

3. Team Iggy or Team Azealia??? Please go shade me on twitter! LOL

4. What is YOUR fave Christmas movie?

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aspoonfulofpaolo says:

You look AMAZING +WHATTHEBUCKSHOW and I loved that +Target sweater on
you!!!!! xx

debbiesedem says:

I heard Beyoncé’s VMA performance isolated and it was flawless. Not
everyone is Beyoncé though and that’s ok. Mariah has an unbreakable legacy,
no matter what she sounds like now we know that she has talent.

You look great!

bsinctone says:

Ehhh…who cares! Its December its holliday time i don’t have time for
trouble…i have enough trouble CELEBRATING! Ceeeeeelebration time c’mon!
ooo its celebration! Good video thooo! :D

the grinch says:

0:30 seconds in was that a puppy walkin pass that door in the background

LochteandPhelpsLover says:

love the sweater ya look great!!!

Gary C says:

such a shame mariah’s voice is going through some issues – although she’s
had some great moments on the current tour. hopefully she’ll come through
all this 😀 ps love your jumper x

RolyUnGashaaHD says:

Buck you look great <3 ^^

Wesley Walrus says:

Mariah Carey failed so Gaga could shine

Candrew Andrew says:

To bring the octave down would have only challenged her in the lower notes
which she already was having trouble with so to make herself sing even
lower would have sounded terrible still. It really just sounded like she
needed a break and to just lip synch. Im sure theres plenty of times she’s
done that without us knowing. Im guessing the reason she didnt show up the
day before is because of the voice. I believe the day before that she sang
at the White House Christmas tree lighting and had the same issue. (voice

Jonnathan Molina says:

*slow clap* Well said Buck…well said.

cruuushhh says:

Igloo Australia is from now on her new name. 

William Thomas says:

The 60s were far more “confusing” Buck….I survived those days. I think
we will all survive these days. 

Anthony DelucV says:

Mariah’s whistle notes were sacrificed so Ariana could live (and save

CallMeSmash says:

you are not too skinny. You look great! This just shows how much America is
overweight….when someone is actually where they should be and people
think they are too thin. How sad, you know?! You look great!! 

Shelby L says:

BRB going to buy that sweater hahaha

Cassandra Brown says:

Running to target now that sweater is too cute!

rainbowk11d says:

I love that sweater!

SlayingTheScene says:

<3 you Buck. People forget that she's going through a lot of stuff. She
didn't sound horrible, but those high notes were struggly as hell. 

Steven McCall says:

‘if you hear anyone singing isolated it would not sound great’…. Are you
for real? If someone is a good singer then they will sound good. That’s
what they are getting paid for! 

F San Jose says:

i felt so bad for Mariah. I wasn’t even paying attention when she went on,
I had to stop and say OH MY GOSH, what happened?
Great comment +WHATTHEBUCKSHOW taking the high road. I heart you so much :D

Rhiana Moriah says:

and this +WHATTHEBUCKSHOW is why I’ve followed you since day one and
respect you oh so much, you don’t use your internet fame to bash a legend
like Mariah for views. You are amazing and please never change xx

lisapy1132 says:

You do look great Michael. At least you can enjoy lots of yummy food during
the holidays and plenty drinks to reward your a self on the weight loss!

Ross Potter says:

I think people give her so much shit cause at her best she was known for
being a diva and treating people bad so i think she had what was coming to
her, it will be humbling as she transitions into the later years of her

darkmario66 says:

I liked how he says that it is “Too easy to make fun of washed up mariah”
because it really is at this point. If her annoying performance in american
idol wasnt bad enough with her horrible attitude and personality which
killed the show even more if that was possible.

Shes such a spoiled Diva and she thinks shes all that because she sang
songs…. NEW FLASH!! Everyone sings songs and most artist today are
better than you so please stop trying to be relevant girl…

and if you dont believe me then maybe you heard the story of that spoiled
Diva who was 2 hours late to a recording session and she walked in thinking
“Oh im famous ohhhhh im so sorry for being late” and then they told her to
leave because they didnt want her old ass anymore.

True story and its sad what fame does to a womans personality. She is awful
and she needs to stop trying to stay in the spotlight when she cant even
fit in the spot light.

Jordan Libby says:

YAS BUCK! You look amazing! Don’t get any thinner though. Drink those
Margs! 😉 

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