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MACINTOSH PLUS – リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー |(reupload)

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I am not the original uploader.

After the original vid was taken down, I had to bring it back.


Araiguma Kiruno says:

Am the only one who does not understand?

Beiba Taina says:

80's porn music?


The world would be better if trump never got elected. / music plays

cyberiaaragon says:

Imagine hitting a blunt to this and when u exhale the music plays and suddenly the world becomes slower and more s l o w e r

Wolf says:

[New People see this video: Wow this amazing]
[See the Comments: Wtf is this]
[Comments: /music plays hauhuahua computer 1960 l hate minecraft /music plays /music plays huahuauhauh]

ジョセフ・シード says:


Luca Pieri says:

Whereas we are what we eat, cannibals are humans: yet, anthropophagous people are historically labelled as inhuman beings due to their commonly refused practice.

/summon confused philosophers
/summon acquisitive advertisers
/music plays

TimidPyscho says:

“im lesbian. i thought you were american?”

/music plays

IvanTheBlueScorpion says:

Can youtube rewind be reported and deleted from Youtube?

/Music Plays

Maximusa Gaming says:

"Whatever I do it's not me, it's my brain" said my brain

/music plays

A Maxed Out Swordwrath [123 For a crusade] says:

/*music plays*

/*music plays*

Αχιλλέας Μπέτσικος says:

Say people work as security at a Samsung store, does it make them Guardians of the Galaxy?


India Rose says:

(clicks play button)

/music plays

Cesarín Stories says:

Why are you crying? :v

Ben iux says:

Earth are 4,5 bilion years old, but now are 2019 Wtf?
/M U S I C P L A Y S 🤔

TheOGDerp says:

Jesus was popular before and after his death

/music plays

Person Pacman says:

This whole comment section is literally just r/showerthoughts with /music plays
at the end

/music plays

Killshot says:

When you on that lean.


Nachito431 xD says:

When todos hablan ingles :v

/Music Plays

richishere says:

If we can't see air,do fish see water!?
/Music plays.

richishere says:

Do clothes in China say made around the corner!?
/Music plays

richishere says:

Who closes the door after the bus driver gets off!?
/Music plays

Big Mango says:

Do lawyers have lawyers?

James Garnett says:

[insert eyes getting smaller and further away from each other]

Carl Sagan says:

You were the first person that you meet in your life

Do you like hurting other people? says:

All the best skipping stones are in the middle of the lake

/music plays

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