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Longest Vlog of 2016 | WahlieTV #VLOGMAS (FAIL)

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Ep.466: are you guys ready for the longest vlog we’ve ever posted?! ONE FULL HOUR of WahlieTV! We include boarding our pets, #DANCEMBER in Seattle, rain in LA (weird), new bunnies (i know), and of course some FOODPORN!
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Fan Beau says:

thank you for this super long vlogs. you guys made my day

zahraa nabeel says:

this vlog is so long that i had to finish it in two days ???

Michelle B says:

So cute when Michi sees you, Wah! You two are amazing animal parents ❤

Wang Rachel says:

Omg u guys have so many dwarfs …I live in ny and most of the bunnies I saw all at least medium size… I mean apts here so small compared to its…man life is hard here for bunny lovers… I feel bad if they can't have enough space to hang out …

Joanna Wong says:

"like you can learn a thing or two from this dog" ?

Brittvnym says:

Michi is so cute!!!!!

Vien Nguyen says:

i really enjoy watching the both of you. wahlie you are so real & i appreciate it. like a breath of fresh air.

Christina Lim says:

wow ive followed you guys through sooooo much miso is already 2.. how long has it been man :') i love u guys!! this vlog is a treat :)))

sam M says:

Waiting for restock on lashes :(

May Vang says:

yaaaaassss long vlog! woohoo.. "good morning world"

Jeanne K says:

I hope they will restock your eyelashes since they cancelled my order due to being back ordered, but its so amazing how fast your eyelashes sold out <3

Nadia Brown says:

Got my breakfast ready and my morning show to watch let's do this? yessss I can only watch you guys for a straight hour. Even more

Yang Yilin says:

Dear weylie and Wah, I really love watching your vlogs every single day. You guys make me smile and see that kind and genuine people like you guys exist. I watch you guys whenever I'm feeling down, I watch you guys when I'm in a psychiatric ward, I watch you guys everywhere I am,and regardless you guys (and miso Michi money and fam) always make me feel better. Love you guys so much, may 2017 be a blessed year for you guys! God bless! -yilin from Singapore

Jenny Nguyen says:


Mae Pamo says:

I'm from the Philippines. Thank you for this. ?

Laura Jones says:

Is Judy pregnant again ?

Chanra San says:

Is it stalkerish I may know the hotel they stayed at? Lol

Ayshath Nusra says:

I support Michi's blueberry cookie business ❤

SeeKaysee says:

14:58 I was actually watching this live! Haha! Awh, the kombucha dog brand is such a good idea. You two are the best, I literally watched/listened to the entire vlog while working. :)

Qing furr says:

You're awesome! ❤️️

Shannon Truong says:

HAHAHA ass city foods

hellograceanne says:

When Weylie cries, we all cry. ?

mulan_rouge says:


simoneh711 says:

these long vlogs are the bomb!! 🙂 thank you guys

LifebyMe 365 says:

I am a longtime lurker. Today I became a subscriber!

LifebyMe 365 says:

I am a longtime lurker. Today I became a subscriber!

Madara Bogdānova says:

thank you for the best Christmas present ever Weylie & Wah?????????????

Anne Mica Marasigan says:

Long vlogs are the best!! Best one of 2016! I love you weylie and wah! Greetings from the Philippines. ? #asiansquad

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