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LEGENDARY GLITCHES! (Minecraft Funny Moments)

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Today, Parker Graser and Hbomb join forces to find the most epic glitches. We compiled our 2 hour adventure into some awesome minecraft funny moments. Hope you enjoy!

This video was filmed on the Minecraft mini-game server Mineplex playing survival games.

Graser: http://youtube.com/Graser10
Hbomb: http://youtube.com/xSMDxHbomb94

Follow me on:
Twitter! https://twitter.com/Parker_GamesMC
Twitch! http://twitch.tv/mineplex
Youtube! http://youtube.com/ParkerGames
Instagram! http://instagram.com/parkergamesmc

Want to play mineplex but don’t know how? Check out this video!




MineplexOfficial says:

I may have gone a bit overboard with that intro… YOLO

Cole McGrath says:

If I had a dollar for every time one of your video’s disappointed me
well…. I’d be a broke hobo 

TheCombat Wombat says:

5:30 Best Moment of my life

MineplexOfficial says:
minerfreak951 says:

parker. Ima report u for expl0iting u gunna get banded 

Pri Dhillon says:

His minecraft videos are so funny! I think he craves to much bacon in his
videos which is quite strange xD

Gabe H. says:

In your next minecraft texture pack you should make your pork chops look
like bacon, that would be funny.

WildWolf Protector Of Minecraft says:

Let me tell you something “Server Owner” you’re server is SHIT everyone
call me a fucking hacker, i only use OPTIFINE and they only call me a
fucking hacker just because i’m really good, I PLAYED THE SERVER FOR A
FUCKING YEAR I’M HIGHLY EXPERIANCED oh and i love it how your stupid noob
friends Denahi05 and the other piece of shit convinced you i have kill aura
when i barely can even kill them, ban me from the server completely, i
don’t care but remember! you suck, and the server is shit, good luck
banning someone else that doesn’t fucking hack at all

Regina Lily says:

I am eating bacon while watching this funny minecraft video

Abigail Torres says:

Does anyone know why parker can’t upload cube anymore? He said he explained
it in his stream but I missed it

gil gillington webber says:

Sup Parker see you at pax:)

ZingierFilly | Gaming and More! says:

I was in Minecraft and a Funny Bacon was Shakin but then I was fakin…
There is not bacon in minecraft “so sad”

Kayleen H says:

I may have peed a bit watching this…

Darth0rc says:

Hey Parker? Will you reply to this 

Haley Millette says:

Okay, so, Parker. We need to talk. You’re Minecraft videos, they’re
amazeballs. They make me laugh so hard! They’re extremely funny, and I
almost die laughing! But, here’s one pro tip. To make yourself grow bigger,
you should do a Challenge Accepted video where for each kill you make, you
get one piece of Bacon. Good luck! I’m sure it’ll be awesome ♥

Tyler The Miner says:

This video was so funny, alriiiiight!!

Mario Rodriguez says:

this vid made me laugh so hard. You sir earn a new subsciber

William Waters says:

Woah hacker I’ll report u to captain Sparklez :)

Aaron Stuart says:

3random facts

did you know that minecraft has over 1billion people playing and that it is
worth over 10bilion

did you know that bacon was originally bacon was ment to be added to
minecraft but then there was a mod created for it so they didnt add it

did you know that this video is funny i know its unbeliveable this is
actually funny just kidding of course it was funny

Nutella_Mella says:

This was such a funny minecraft video Parker! But for some reason I’m now
craving some bacon….

MineZanitor543 says:

NOOOO PARKER!! Why did u end the vid! I was enjoying it..laughing.. And
then suddenly


Friendly Freddy 2 says:

You know what is funny Parker, the other day I was playing Minecraft while
eating bacon and I accidentally pooped my pants guess the pigs don’t like
me too much.

CrazySavannah7 says:

I was playing minecraft then my mom brought me some bacon but it fell on
the ground when I laughing at this funny video 

Tom Weston says:

Okay so you know that you have aload of Minecraft minigames and always want
You should do a thing where you have to jump around an area of single
blocks and knock off pigs. Then when you knock off a pig you get bacon. But
if you knock off a player or fall off you lose bacon.
Whoever has the most bacon at the end wins
This would be really funny so pls make it

Super Minecraft Piggys says:

Okay guys wanna hear some FUNNY minecraft? Well you won’t get to ;). Okay,
go get me some bacon, ALRIGHTT! Okay, i was just trying to be FUNNY

Danielle H says:

You know what they should add to Minecraft? Bacon… That’d be so funny xD

ThePosterPig says:

You should do a minecraft funny moments of bacon bowl on Mineplex!

IsyMags says:

Just got noticed on Twitter…can I be noticed on YouTube as well??? No?
Okay…bye ;-;

RainbowStar says:

When are you going to play the cube SMP again? I miss it… But funny

Marps Gaming says:

Parker you are so funny, you make me laugh every video. I like what you did
with you channel and streaming cube on Twitch. H Bacon94 is my favourite
youtuber to watch in you video. I wish that I could find and play with you
on Minecraft because you are so funny, and I love Bacon! I am big fan so

Bedrock breaker says:

Parker I love u I am literally up to date and have seen every vid Exeter
for five witch I will watch now!

Tessa Li says:

The funny thing about Minecraft, is that bacon doesn’t exist. THAT IS

stanich3 says:

Parker is like the only person who plays minecraft who is so funny, he
makes me choke on my bacon when I’m watching him during breakfast.

Ida Munk says:

Basicly laughed through the hole video!

grayson5577 says:

Parker have you ever heard of that streamer named bacondonut? He play
modded minecraft and is funny lol. 

Carlos Reyes says:

Parker, do you know what i think is funny;On your minecraft texture pack
you changed beef to Dr. Pepper but you didn’t change porkchops to bacon!
Why do you not like it? For me it’s really good. Well people have different
options. Don’t worry i still like you! So don’t be scared on losing a sub!

KakashiPlaysMC Minecraft Gaming & More says:

I was Playing COD And Then The Other Day I was playing And A guy’s Name was
M1N3CR4FTISBAE i was Like wut? I Went Outside then i saw a Food Called Bac
then two minutes later they said on i was WUT ? then I went to go to the
Food Market and i saw Two People Laughing I said why are u laughing I saw
what They Were Laughing at i was like da faq? 2 hours later I saw the
Letter F then 2 minutes later I went to Bed the next Day i saw unny I was
wahts that then my Brother said it was Sunny but it was missing a letter
get it?

Tasha Gorton says:

Today so far I must have watched this at least 4 times 😀 Whenever I’m
down, I can just watch your videos and they will cheer me up again! <3 I
also think it's great how you are changing your channel! I love the funny
moments 😀 And then long streams on Twitch is amazing! I wish you the best
of luck in the future, for your Youtube experience and your acting
experience <3 Love you <3 

button head says:

hey Parker you know what would be funny? If minecraft added bacon strips to

Chris RT says:

i wish u could play cod instead of funny moments and anything realted to
minecraft but bacon brawl is ok

simen lunde arnesen says:

Parker is good on minecraft he is also funny btw i’m eating Bacon 

Purple Ninja says:


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