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Le Zap de Spi0n n°257 – Epic Fail/Win Compilation March 2015

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Le 257ème Zap du site avec 93 vidéos ! Voici le nouveau zapping du web où vous trouverez une compilation de vidéos étonnantes et insolites qui ont circulé cette semaine sur internet. Il n’a pas été jugé indispensable que ces vidéos figurent en article sur le site, elles sont donc présentes sous forme d’un rapide Zapping. Enjoy ! 🙂

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cheetawolf says:

Anyone know the song at 19:56? ;)

Ape Lincoln says:

I think this channel could be up there with FailArmy if they wouldn’t cram
their fucking annoying logo between every single video. They have great
clips but I’m still waiting for them to realize that there is such a thing
as overpromotion.
What good does it do to promote a product to someone when they are
currently using it? It only annoys people and detracts from the experience.

Daniel Son says:

19:17 reminds me of family guy

Ame Padilla says:

the last one… holy shit!!! 

Soft Kitty says:

“Mais t’es complètement con !! ” *bam*

Nicolas says:

Tu m’as remontE le morale Spion .. :)

zabosmester says:

2:40 Magyarország pls :DDD mi a kurva anyád?:D

VH1Production says:

Hey guys!Check my new Video
Best Fails 2015

H4w_Shippy says:

xD je peu pas dire Cest le quel le plus drôle Cest toute

Andrius Sumnauskas says:

9.57 dumb Americans

Олег Судариков says:

Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

Amy Simpson says:

I don’t agree with you putting videos up of animal abuse (The cat one) But
maybe someone will recognize him and get him locked up……….

The Good Green Herb says:

Merci ! Thanks ! for making me laugh for free and smile like a
miljonaire !!!!!! much love from Belguim

eMxGo says:

Le petit fail de montage elephant/soire

XePsych says:


Joshua Morales says:

What language is this?

Nishant Sukharia says:

rap dog was the best

les chronique de colin says:

bug a 6min38 erreur de frase

Atomic3D Qc says:

C koi la music a 7min

Contat Maxime says:
UltimateTeamPro says:


Contat Maxime says:

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