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LA Clippers Surprise Local Salon – Prank it FWD

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Glen “Big Baby” Davis and DeAndre Jordan from the LA Clippers step in to give a big assist to a local salon that deserves a boost. Not only do they have some fun surprises in store for the salon’s customers, but the owner and her staff get a life-changing surprise well!

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Break says:

We had a blast pulling pranks for good with the +LA Clippers! #BellyBump

Zoelakerbot says:

LMFAOLOL “Don’t give me the LeBron though”

Custer says:

Prank it FWD is awesome. The best and most rewarding way of pranking.

blandiness says:

Woah who the clippers play that night?

The Red Viper says:

“Don’t give me the LeBron though” LMFAO 

takenotez123 says:

Dude came into the clippers court dressed up like a celtics fan LMAO

jON3.0 says:

Doing nice things for great deserving people is the best thing in the

JayRey Games says:

okay Break, I normally really like your Prank it FWD videos, they’re my
favourite part of your channel, but this REALLY disappointed me. For a
start, it’s not a prank if the person knows they are going to be helped out
from the very start, that’s just helping someone out…not pranking it
forward….lol…And for second, you helped a woman who owns a business?
What about some person on the streets or someone like your last couple who
wanted to get married and the woman had cancer, now THAT is a good cause.
Not somebody who owns a business that is failing, I had that situation
occur to me, ya know what I did, I went and got a well paid job and quit

N Mathew says:

NO offence, Deandre makes a little over 10 million per year… would it
really hurt for him to donate 100k?

JUS saying… nice of prank it forward though

Break says:
Matthew Jennerway says:

Ahh. A black only salon… 

Conor Porteous says:

Wait…….4/1/15..otherwise known as 1/4/15 ala the future… K

Richard Isidro says:

She could remodel her place but she don’t want to waste her money. She got
10 grand she is not going to fix her place

IGotNoname NoSurename says:

“Dont give me the Lebron tho” im fuckin crying

IBallisticxx says:

inB4 plebs 

dcbiscuits says:

She’s probably gonna blow the $10k on clothes and rims.

xDFB says:

Why tf does this have 65k views and it was just uploaded???

Prank Files says:

Nothing like the feeling of helping others!

manjot singh says:

Cookie from empire? Lmfao jk..

ping pong says:

I suspect that this channel is going `black, WTF

530pookie says:

How come this video is unlisted?

Tiberiu Axinte says:

Kids in Africa could’ve eaten that check. :/

LegendTito says:

Lebron hair cut lmao

John Miller says:

The ending made me cry a little.

Morgan Dean says:

Awesome. Makes me so happy.

Innovation says:

Don’t give me the lebron lol

Plop Plopp says:

good cross section of races in the cheer leader team

doom banz says:

This is goooood!

Going Postal says:

extremely boring….

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