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Kylie Jenner Challenge Fail

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Big fail lol


Liz Fedra says:

Does it hurt

Jada Washington says:

Lol your face expression

Shamica Spencer says:

Her reaction is priceless. 

Gospel969 says:

i was mortally terrified that lips gonna explode bleeding any moment! OMG

Hannah Rankin says:

Seems like she’s on drugs 

tom witicker says:

This makes me want to commit adultery 

christian sarver says:

She’s Angelina Jolie’s pink fish in sea tale

Nat L says:

Fucking retard. You look like a mental duck

YaGirl Blue says:

What happen to the volume 

thork'N Dude says:

There’s that moment where she thinks she looks hot but at the end she
realizes she fucked up 

MrCacaton says:

This is sad

Esmeralda Martinez says:

kendall chan says:

Her reactions is killing me hahaha

Maurice Anderson says:


Jesse- Lil.nigga says:

Stupid ass

Kevin Keener says:

people are stupid as fuck.

SPIT BALL 007 says:

Why the fuck did you do it?

stacy brown says:

she is funny

Ciro EquisDe says:

there are only two infinite things:
human stupidity and space, the second’m not sure …

Dodzon2010 says:

Omfg too funny I died 20 time watching this on replay


She’s first looks like she was gonna cry then she was embracing it I rate
her for that 

GeorgeJansen says:

The white man is embracing the Sambo look……WOW

Matthew Cupelli says:

I’m just laughing at how stupid she was to actually do this 

Alyssa denver says:

Her lips are swollen 

Lucija I says:

Why are people so fucking stupid?

Andrea Gabriela says:


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