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Kobe’s Hilarious Ranting during DIG vs GV Game

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Kobe was on fire with the ranting this game! Really made the lengthy game fun to watch! Subscribe for more clips like this

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Justin Pinotti says:

that ez ult was actually a bug, which is currently highly upvoted on
/r/leagueoflegends. mousing over a teammates char frame on the left side of
your screen shoots your ability at that friendly character for whatever
reason. happens with literally every aimed ability including kassadins
riftwalk (happened 2 days ago and i had absolutely no clue wtf happened,
cost us the game)

vvvortics Proud Father says:

This does the reminding of my memory when my whore wife shat out the
abomination that is my retarded Mexican son, vvvortic. Oh how she did the
screaming when his giant retarded mexican head came out of the vagina of
hers. But we did the birthing of vvvortic in an abandoned abortion clinic
so there were no doctors, very unortunatelys he fell out of the wife of
mines vagina and cracked his skull on the floor. vvvortic is a retarded
mexican inbred because of my failure as father, gg.

Zero the Unicorn says:

The ez ult is not a bug. And at 2:40 Hauntzer walks through his allies
wall, good job Kobe! :P

Alo De Lore says:

I love Rivington and Kobe, they’re the best casters IMO :D

Jacob P says:

NA LCS is so painful to watch sometimes…its like watching soloq

aaaaalllss says:

and people say EU is boring, apart form the Kalista picks NA has was a

Cassie Lowe says:

Gravity changing their name to Elements NA. double rekt

Brainfreez DnB says:

this guy was high as hell

nypad5 says:

riv…riv….RIV ING TON! 

molpr says:


TBHxK1NG says:

these lcs games are really boring zzzzzz

gigiobb says:

50 min into the game and 6 kills ….

DamnIN1row says:

80 Minuuuuuuts the druuuuueammmm LOL

IKidYouSo says:

Awww you should’ve included the part where crumbzz suicided and kobe yells
out “he used a teleport”. Good vid nonetheless!!!

MeTroX says:

After seeing this three times, im 100% kobe smoked some stuff before that

DarkJak90000 says:

u think this is funny, this was like reading a wwwwortic comment, then
peeing myself and eating a cactus with my piss on it.

Jessica Nigri says:

Watch it at 0,5 Speed. It made my day xD
You heard it here first.

BenderUnit22x says:

The best part of this is all the related youtube videos are about Kobe

Refection x says:

I´m sorry but why should Gravity name themself Elements.NA?

Saiyan Nappa says:

NA so exci……. ResidentSleeper

armando sotelo says:

at .5 speed they sound high as fuck

Entertainment TV says:

wheres qt pie on dig? 

Necronem says:

He was aiming for KiWiKiD because hes tired of his shit.

Plubby says:

Watch at .5 speed for Drunk Kobe disapproving of the plays.

David R says:

#WorstDateIn5Words the guy wore a fedora

Irene Criembardis says:

reminds me of oddone ranting in the middle of a stream 

exodusgeeze says:

Even Kobe was bored as hell :D

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