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KEVIN HART’S Reaction to Zayn Malik “One Direction” Breaking Up — Hilarious!!

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Kevin Hart and T.I. aka Tip had a hilarious moment went Kevin Hart reacted to hearing that a member of U.K.’s boyband is leaving the group. The group is “not breaking up” but a member, Zayn Malik is leaving the group.

Video Courtesy of: #kevinhart.

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Helen James says:


jack davis says:

this nigga got me rollin motherfucka and not the blunt kind 

MegaCadette55 says:

this nicca a fool lmfao

Jordan Schollmeyer says:

Best reaction ever!

og229 says:

*in tears

Petra says:

*This made me laugh cus just..How they reacted. x’D*

Cosmix_Universe says:

He forgot to say pineapples!!!

Giane Gomez says:

jajja que loco 

M.O. Smith says:

Where’s the rest? Lol!

kimmie h says:


Xbox 360- Gaming Videos | Other Videos | Extras says:

LMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHA the Sarcasm is real! XD

11Elevon says:

Where can I watch the full interview? :D

Outlaw Makaveli says:

the sarcasm . lmao

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